I need a 7-8 minute dramatic monologue!?

I'm in speech and 15, and i have come across a problem. i need a dramatic monologue (for a man) that lasts 8 minutes by next week. can anyone please help me! it would be preferable if it was from a book or play. duologue would be nice as well. thank you.

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Jayefuu8 years ago
The V monologue from V for vendetta is very cool. It's not 8 minutes though but perhaps you'd get extra marks because it uses loads of words beginning with V. Maybe you'd get more marks for doing it in a British accent if you're not British.

redsuit09 (author)  Jayefuu7 years ago
lol too bad im British. but i live in USA so i may be able to pass it off
aelfric55788 years ago
I just noticed that you tagged the question with speech and competition.  Is this for a dramatic interp piece for forensics?  If so, that's how I first encountered Thom Paine.  It works well as a DI, but it's somewhat hard to find.  Edgar Allan Poe stories tend to be a bit overdone, but they will be easier to find on short notice, and if you pick something you know, it'll be easier to memorize.  Other horror and science fiction pieces are easy to find and cut as well.
aelfric55788 years ago
Thom Paine (Based on Nothing) by Will Eno is a set of two one-man shows and one one-woman show.  Each monologue is pretty long (read that to mean 30 minutes or longer) and would have to be cut down.  I'm a fan.  I wish I was a good enough actor to do justice to any of them.
orksecurity8 years ago
I do several in performance. One, about five minutes, is a brief extract from a book I like (Delusion's Master, by Tanith Lee), adapted slightly to stand alone as a "just so" style myth. Another, of about the same performance length, is a short-short written by a friend -- about two pages singlespaced, which is also in the form of a myth. I've been known to do monologues from plays at times; I have one or two of those memorized well enough to approximate them from memory. (Suggestion: Hit the library's drama section, flip through some things you're interested in, and see if any of them have a section where the character takes time out to talk to the audience.)  And I've written some poetry, some of which is in the form of one character's thoughts about a situation and would fit this category.

Then there's the full short story (rather than short-short) I had memorized as a performance piece. 12 pages single-spaced, about an hour's reading. I need to spend some time studying that again, to nail down some of the corners that have come loose so I can do it word-for-word from memory again rather than needing the text in front of me. (I can still tell this tale from memory, but not with the accuracy I would prefer.)

Hope that gives you a few ideas. Basically, any situation in which a single character is talking at length, and saying something interesting -- and preferably something with strong emotional content -- may qualify, and many others where "the storyteller" can be made into the character can also work.

I'm not going to recommend a specific one, because the real trick is finding one that appeals to _YOU_, that you can sink your teeth into and get emotionally engaged with.
Re-design8 years ago
Are you supposed to come up with it on your own?  Or write it youself?

Something that immediately comes to mind is Hal Holbrook as "Mark Twain".

Here's a link to one on youtube.  It's only 7:11 but you could combine two of them and just use the parts you like.
Good point. With one-man shows you might be able to find some longer pieces. Typically, though, a one-man show consists of standard-length monologues performed in sequence, so you're kind of in the same boat. Could be easier to stitch related pieces together, though.
That said, check out Spalding Gray on YouTube.
RavingWife and I are both theatre people, and neither of us can think of a monologue that runs 8 minutes. Anything longer than 3-4 minutes max will be very difficult to track down. I'm sure such a beast exists somewhere, but good luck locating it.
Scenes for two actors will be much easier to find. A quick Google search turned up a number of good prospects, including this one, which coincidentally has a few pieces written by an old friend of mine. Small world....
Say it reaaaaaaalllll slloooooowwwwww......for dramatic effect ....

Too much work. I'd just go with a 2-minute monologue with a 6-minute dramatic pause in the middle of it. Something by Pinter, maybe....
Sad to say, we don't do your homework here. 

However, if you're looking for sources or suggestions as to where to *look* for said material, or subject material, etc, that's another story. 

I'd start here: www.whysanity.net/monos/monos1a.html
redsuit09 (author)  Lithium Rain8 years ago
haha this isnt my homework, i just need some ideas. thanks for the website.
lemonie8 years ago
I'm inclined to go with Kiteman on the Shakespeare, but 8 min is a long time. If you think you can get away with it, how about Goebbels' famous "total war" speech? (it's long)


Kiteman8 years ago
Brush up your Shakespear!