I need a DC or AC motor of 100 Watt output running at 20,000rpm ?

For a very special purpose, we require a motor with the said requirement. Please help me how and where I can find such motor?

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iceng6 months ago

At that speed AC / DC is not so important because it will run off some kind of DC frequency brushless motor. The AC line will be rectified to provide the DC, unless you like to pay for or charge batteries.

rickharris6 months ago

your question lacks detail but many rcbrushless DC motors will do that speed in a compact package.

shreyansk (author)  rickharris6 months ago
Thanks for replying rich Harris. I do understand that my question lacks details. But what kind of detail do you need.

voltage max min size and purpose would help. However thou have some workable suggestion nz al ready

steveastrouk6 months ago

Look for router motors on Ebay

shreyansk (author)  steveastrouk6 months ago

Thank you for your suggestion

Jack A Lopez6 months ago

How about this one?


HFT calls it, "variable speed rotary tool". It is sort of a generic version of a name brand tool called, "Dremel(r)"

shreyansk (author)  Jack A Lopez6 months ago

Thank you very much for the suggestion. I will definitely consider ur suggestion