I need a TEEPEE cover 18 ft. high by 50+ feet in circumference! I am going to make my own!s How much canvas will I need?

Help, my TEEPEE was destroyed by the last storm. I need a suitable  inexpensive cover for the poles that are 18 ft. 4in.,  tall and has a circumference of 50 ft.+.  TYVEK is no good, too costly, too short, and really rattles in the wind! Anyone got any good ideas out there? The original one cost me a bundle and I don't want to go there again! I wish the Buffalo herd was nearby, good meat and great Teepee covers. I think I was born in the wrong century. I keep honing my Mountain Man skills.  Thanks, as ever, Triumphman (aka Mountain Man)!                                                                                                                                                                                                     *                                                                                                                                                                                                             *                 I have finally come to the conclusion that I have to make my own teepee cover!    I will have to buy some canvas by the yard! Does anyone know how much canvas I will need for an 18 ft. tall by 50 ft. circumference teepee frame ? If the canvas comes in 3 ' width or 5 ' width . I have made a paper half circle teepee model, but the numbers evade me! Thanks.

Picture of I need a TEEPEE cover 18 ft. high by 50+ feet in circumference! I am going to make my own!s How much canvas will I need?
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triumphman (author) 5 years ago
Hunt and skin some buffalo!
sherylh5 years ago
I have a teepee..I have no poles..interested?
Nomadic Teepee makers is an excellent source, they build all sorts of sizes. You can look them up on the internet
triumphman (author) 5 years ago
I just discovered a 25' x 50' pool cover I had stashed under a leaf pile. It is grungy and full of roots from the maple trees. But it may do the trick. I just washed it on both sides and it looks pretty good. Now to get it up on the poles to see if its worthy! Thanks everyone for you suggestions. Will keep you posted with progress.
You could always take a trip to a GI surplus store and see what they might have. I've seen some canvas tents and such there, don't know about prices but can't hurt to look.
triumphman (author)  RedneckEngineer5 years ago
Don't know of any stores like that around here! Where are they located?
Military surplus stores are all over. Look in the phone book, or maybe ask friends that camp if they know where one is.
rickharris5 years ago
Canvas - I guess you could re-purpose an old tent - or even a new one in the UK they are surprisingly cheap.
triumphman (author)  rickharris5 years ago
I guess I have to Google used tents! I don't know anyone who sells that stuff nearby! Its the shipping that hurts.
plastic tarp is always available.

lorry tarps are heavier and sometimes canvas try a local haulage firm for rejects.

Personally I like Tyvek If you scrunch it up or wash it it will go much softer.

HOWEVER it isnt UV stabilized and will only last a year or so.
canucksgirl5 years ago
If you can get a few larger sizes (at a good deal), then canvas drop cloths (generally used for painting), can work well and can be found at most major home improvement stores.

The other option is to just buy canvas by the yard. I'm sure you can find some online from many locations, but here's some from Amazon.com at a reasonable price (sold in 5 foot widths).

You'll obviously have to stitch either the yardage or the drop cloths together, but that wouldn't be any different than if you were around when the buffalo roamed the plains.
triumphman (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
can do ! There is a yard goods store nearby, but the stuff, would cost me about $250.I already went there! not very affordable. But I may have no choice! thanks for the info.
It might be a total long shot, but try contacting a painting contractor near where you live and see if they have any connections to getting any canvas (perhaps at wholesale pricing?). Chances are they don't go to a "Home Depot" type store to get their drop cloths, and well, it couldn't hurt to ask if they can help. (They might even have some used ones they could give you, and all you'd need to do is paint them one clean solid beige color).

Just a thought...