I need a cheap way to connect up 3 pairs of external speakers to 3 different tv's, dosen't have to be surround sound?

 I'm looking for the best low-cost way to wire external speakers to 3 different flat screen TV s, in 3 different rooms. I was thinking about a small pre-amp, but not sure it will make enough power. I also thought about using "Boom-Box" stereos in each case, but already have decent sets of speakers. Basically, I hope to find a small profile amplifier to make up for the lousy TV speakers!

BobS7 years ago
Local city recyling center or city dump. Last week I found an amplifier full of snow and dust. After cleaning and drying...: Perfect late 80's amp, 110 W RMS (enough to make fissures in concrete:))!
Down to the local PC shop for some active multimedia speakers ? Cheapest way I can see to do it.