I need a good gun with a sling shot firing system and a mag. Does anyone have any suggestions?

 I want a gun that is good example of a sling shot firing system with a mag. And I also need it to be a moderate piece count...    thanx!

~Aeronous~7 years ago
the Answer to this would be KneXFreaKs Freeslinger, its got a medium piece count, extendable mag, and its pump action SLINGSHOT, NO RAMROD.
TheDunkis7 years ago
A repeating sling shot in other words? Well here's one of my ideas that no one has done yet. Have a roof area over the magazine (so it's more like a true barrel) so the ammo is contained. Then have a part that slides over the magazine and can be pushed back. Basically this stops ammo from coming up until you draw back the rubber band and push it back. Then a round will load when pushed all the way back and hopefully, with enough force, it'll slide forward after firing to block the magazine again.
I think this gun, made by knexfreek and I, will be your best bet.
DJ Radio7 years ago
If you want it separate from each other, then the only option is Killer~safecracker's TBAR.  If they can be the same mech, go look for a pseudo semi auto gun.