I need a good homemade random gift for my boyfriend, any ideas?

I would like to give my boyfriend a random gift (for no reason other than I love him) but i'd like to make it. I'm already making a scrapbook for us, but that's pretty much all I've seen as far as Ideas go online. Does anyone have any other ideas?

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psymansays8 years ago
Well, if you're comfortable with it, you could try donnauwanna's Squishy Breast Stress Relief Toy: here
I say that you make matching necklaces or dog tags with your names engraved in them. Just some ideas.
k8nvan8 years ago
My husband always love it when I bake for him- give that a try!
lemonie8 years ago
How about something like this?

tmgsharks668 years ago
maybe a friendship kind of bracelet or something. that way he could always have it with him. =]
keydogstony8 years ago
Make some coupons for back rub etc.