I need a high voltage, high amperage power supply

I am in need of a power supply that can give out about 500V @ 13A. I know it's high, but I want it to charge a capacitor(400V, 1000μF, 13A) for my coilgun. I've already tried a flyback charger, but the result was to blow the capacitor up(I think that it couldn't withstand so much voltage, despite the amperege was lower that its threshold). I don't want that to happen again and I want a relatively fast way to charge the capacitor. Also, the power supply needs to be portable.

Another thing: the voltage is not mandatory to be THAT high; the amperage also(let's say...1 or 2 amps...)... However I need DC pulsating current, at 20 kHz

NOTE: I really hope that I'm not asking too much.......

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lemonie7 years ago

You want 13KW?
Don't try to shove 1000V into a 400V cap' - silly thing to do.
And 1000uF is "nothing" - you'll want more than that.
Look at Instructables first, and ask for help with what other people have already done.

N3v3rm0r3 (author)  lemonie7 years ago

How much more than 1000μF?10000μF?? If yes I can't find that kind of capacitor on market.....

My best suggestion is the last thing I said in the previous comment. Of course, if you dismantle a few TVs / electricals you can get a few 3300 / 2200 uF cap's.

Agreed. 400V isn't all that hard, nor is the 13A...granted not cheap...but when you apply 1kV to a 400V rated cap you essentially make a crappy bomb.
framistan7 years ago
Are you sure you need 13 amps of CHARGING current? or do you mean you need the capacitor to be capable of DISCHARGING 13 amperes? If you dont need the capacitor to charge extremely QUICKLY, then you might get by with a few hundred milliamps power supply that will charge the capacitor over a period of a few minutes or so. If you truly do need such high voltage at high amperage, it would be VERY EXPENSIVE and difficult to find. I think you are wrong about what you need for the purpose you intend. I think LEMONIES advise to do more research is VERY GOOD advise.
N3v3rm0r3 (author)  framistan7 years ago
13A DISCHARGING current, but for that I need pulsating DC current at 20KHz(accomplished only with a flyback......)
EmmettO7 years ago
I would try a charger that pulses high voltage. It could in short bursts supply 13A but over all it's amperage would be much lower.

How are you supplying power to the charger? Even a 220v plug through a transformer to boost the voltage to 1000v would only put out 11A from a 50A breaker.
N3v3rm0r3 (author)  EmmettO7 years ago
If it's possible I want to power it with a 24V Lead-Acid battery(7Ah).... But how? If you could upload a schematic it would be great help