I need a neat project for empty 3 liter wine bottles?

I have a number of empty 3 liter Carlo Rossi wine bottles and I am looking for a project to use them instead of throwing them in the land fill.  If you have a project, please give as many details as possible.

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iceng5 years ago
I could help you empty some 3 liter wine jugs ;-)

But my favorite glass cutting technique is to scratch a good even
perimeter line around my bottle, wrap a nichrome wire in the groove,
heat it fit any electric supply and
then splash cold water on the scratch causing a clean split.

olddog1213 (author)  iceng5 years ago

I will look into that idea.
rickharris5 years ago
Floor lamp

Table jug - See right on how to cut wine bottles

Flower vase

Fill with a string of Christmas LEDs for decoration
olddog1213 (author)  rickharris5 years ago
Thanks. That will get me started
The LED string works well.

How many bottles do you have, though?
olddog1213 (author)  Kiteman5 years ago

I have been discarding them all along. I get about 3 a month.

I have tried putting lights in them and that is one of the ideas that sound good.