I need a new mac "magsafe" connecter and cord to splice onto my power supply?

i have a powerbook with the "magsafe" connector and my dog (i'm serious) chewed the cord and chewed the connecter tip. Is there any replacement parts that you're aware of for these units?

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dkollin6 years ago
FYI Apple just settled a class action lawsuit and is now replacing defective magsafes for free (not sure if dog-chewing qualifies): http://cnet.co/tl5p4W. I walked into the Mac store with my crappy one, they made me sign a document and then handed over a new one. Simple as that.
aftabwilson7 years ago
 @rockmtn: very interested in the pictured magsafe sparepart. how could one go about getting it from you?

chamunks7 years ago
Also.... http://www.dealextreme.com/search.dx/search.magsafe if you wish to buy a cheap new one and not have to be paying shipping.
rockmtn8 years ago
I have some genuine magsafe parts to fix your magsafe. I have the cords with the magnetic end attached to them. You would just need to splice the cable to your old cable.
Could I ask you for one of these I will post an epic instructable if you do.  Also I need a magsafe male port as well... Just the internal part though I don't need the laptop I just want a cord and the de-soldered male port
Kactapuss8 years ago
This is totally possible to fix. It's unfortunate that Apple produced such a weak product. Please check out my Instructable about the topic here.


let me know if you need any further help! Good Luck!
Re-design8 years ago
Apple is very private with their technology. I've never seen any other manufacturer supplying parts especially for the mag charger other than apple. You'll probably have to buy a new charger. You might find something on ebay that maybe has good connector but the charger is dead that you could graft to your good charger. Good luck.