I need a program to which i can talk and it will type what i say for me.?

I began handwriting a book last year. i now reach in excess of 60 pages and lack the time to type it. is there a program somewhere that i can get free that allows me to speak to it and it will type for me?

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kelseymh7 years ago
Look up "Dragon Dictate" or "Dragon Naturally Speaking" on Google. That's one particular commercial product that does what you want. You could also just look up "speech recognition software."

Google Is Your Friend.
Windows bought the rights -- its built into windows (vista onward) now. works pretty well after you train it, if you ennunciate properly.
lemonie7 years ago

Consider getting a Dictaphone (or equivalent) and having someone type it up for you.

paperrhino7 years ago
I've used several different voice dictation software packages and in my experience it is faster to type then dictate. Even when well trained, time spent reformatting and correcting it when it gets it wrong periodically eats up any time saved. If you lack the time to type it, you will lack the time to dictate it as well.
rickharris7 years ago
I have tried this and your going to be surprised how often you say Umm - Errr and other unwanted things.

Your also going to need a very quite room to do it in.

Typing is a skill you get better the more you do. Learning to touch type is a very valuable skill as well and should only take a couple of weeks to become reasonably proficient.