I need a yu gi oh fan, I'm missing part of my duel disk what should I do?

I recently got a chaos duel disk off of eBay but it is missing the part on the bottom that keeps the sock and straps in so the duel disk doesn't flop around on you're arm. dose any one know what to do, I've searched every where online and I can't find the replacement part (like a place that sells it). Please if anyone knows a web site that sells replacement parts for duel disks or something that works as a replacement part, please tell me!

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ARJOON6 years ago
sorry dude made in china. try making a replacement urself
Tobor 2.0 (author)  ARJOON6 years ago
I have no idea on how to make replacement plastic
try modelling it with wood. it should work then
Yami marik5 years ago
my duel disk does the same thing but i got mine for .99 cents so i guess i had that comin
h88645 years ago
try using leather