I need advice

Hi guys/ girls i need advice because i like this girl that is in 6 th grade and i am in 5 th grade im 11.This girl is awsome we have a lot of things in common i talk with her a lot i mesage with her and i think she likes me but im not really shure she likes me so i am afraid i f i ask her out and she says no it will ruin our friendship so what should i do?

iceng4 years ago
Try to get involved in mixed group activities where this girl that is in 6 th grade can be near you, enough to notice you, now and then..
On a personal level in a group you will answer those nagging doubts fairly easily by
observing before you risk asking her out.

Go easy be a steady friend for now

Keep it friends. You have plenty of time to let it grow.
Take a look back using "Search answers" this question gets asked a LOT. You're 11, enjoy being single for a few more years.