I need an Asian Ladybug Trap. I also need a Bat trap.?


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pkmn7 years ago
Aww I thought I liked bats and they were cute... And harmless :(

stick07 years ago
find the location of the entry point to the house and make a conicial/ slendering ? net it may even work to hang a net not big opening they may entangle in so they can leave but when they return they cant get in . and yes bat houses a little furter away from the house will give then a place to live
acidbass8 years ago
trapping bats is illegal ladybugs are harmless what is the point
Legality varies from place to place, and sometimes situation to situation. (Live trap to evict them from your attic may be legal.) The net's a big place; always check that sort of thing with your *LOCAL* authorities.

Also check with them re whether rabies has been reported in the local bat population. That may affect both how much you want to worry about them, and how much you want to deal with them yourself.
orksecurity8 years ago
The ladybugs are harmless -- just looking for a place to winter over, and they won't eat any of your food, clothing, books or whatever -- but some folks find them annoying. Websearch says best answer is to just scoop up the ladybugs and toss 'em back outside. . Scaring or squashing them may cause them to release an orange liquid which deters preditors and may stain surfaces. If you can't deal with that, just point a vacuum at them.

If bats are getting into your house, the important thing to do is to close the opening which permits them to get in. If they're just hanging under the eaves, let them do so -- or, if you want to be kind to them and not see them, hang up bad houses. (Lots of websites give designs for those; they're at least as easy as birdhouses.)
hang up bad houses i think you mean BAT houses
Yeah, typo.
Kiteman8 years ago
Bats are protected in many areas (such as the UK), and trapping would be illegal.
Re-design8 years ago
Why do you want to trap them? They both are very beneficial.  They eat tons of harmful insects.