I need help converting a manule wheelchair in to an electric chair on the very cheap

I have a problem with this comany that I got an electric wheelchair from them was supposted to be donated but they are now charging me a $1000.00 for it or thay will come and get it. They promised that they would not come back and take it but it is a church outfit so I guess I expected this to happen. Any how I still have my old manual chair that is very hard for me to use so I need to find some way to convert it over to power if I can. Please if anyone can help I really need all the help that I can get. Without the power chair Im pretty much stuck in the house. If needed I can try to upload some pics of it. Thanks for all the help in advance.

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You can make a bike attachment to fit your chair and then you could use a hub motor to drive it. The hub motors that I plan on using for mine are called "the Phoenix brute" http://www.electricrider.com/crystalyte/
They can go 25mph and have enough torque for a multi-passenger bike. I have been planning on using one in each hub with and automatic governor to drop the speed back down to 0 each time I stop so that I don't pop a wheelie and bust my noggin (head) open With lithium-ion batteries you could have a charge to last for about 180 miles or more. I have also been thinking of a bike attachment that would bolt to the front of my chair while raising the front wheels about 2 inches off the ground and this would give me a better center of gravity and since the batteries would be mounted on the forks then it would be completely detachable from the chair. I am thinking of using the front end of an adult trike to make this happen. There are many different motors to hook up to a bike so if you think about merging the two then you may be able to have some transportation that will be a blast to ride. and you won't have to rely on public transportation to get around. I hope that this helps.
you need quality rims and tires with those hub motors,I have seen them destroy a cheap rim.COG is very important.If you type PDF on setting up COG on manual wheel chairs,you might come up with some helpful papers.If you go for the handcycle front end,instead of attaching it the the front of wheelchair,go for a tube or sguare stock under the seat,it affords must more traction,which is a problem with these setups.A simple tube with a caster will keep your head off the pavement./Manual wheel chairs,lightweight are the way to go for conversion.Check out the Zinger,it is not in production,but I believe the licencing of it was sold.It is a simple and effective build ,it even pops wheelies,does about 10mph plus which is fun.One guy said it feels like he letting out the clutch on his Camaro.guess what?its friction drive.I'm looking to build my own lightweight manual chair conversion,I do think the hubs would be nice,with 2 manual levers using 2 one way clutch,[ free wheel,,BMX bikes] attached to the hub motors,so i can get some exercise and be stealthy.So many idea's.Good luck with your project
If they promised to give you the chair for free, then you can probably take them to small claims court. You'll have your best chance of winning the case or settling if you can present any evidence to that effect (letters, credible witnesses, etc). In many parts of North America, you can talk to a lawyer or at least a legal aid for free via a free legal advice hotline (check your yellow pages) or through an in-house adviser who works for the court. Back to the question. A simple, easily steerable, powered chair involves two identical electric motors. One motor drives the large left wheel and the other motor drives the large right wheel. The easiest way to make a controller is with two lever-type potentiometers. In this scenario, the lever throttles the left motor, and the other throttles the right. By making the wheels turn at different speeds or even in different directions, you can make the chair turn. The whole contraption can be powered by a car battery (which you can charge at home with an inexpensive charger). Now, with a standard wheelchair, there's not much extra support built-in. It's made to hold a passenger in a seated position, not anything else. The front casters are also a problem. The front casters could break, stick, wobble, or otherwise interfere with the operation. They're not going to like turning with the rest of the chair. Balance is also going to be a problem for your chair. While the motors are pulling on the bottom of your chair, there's little to stop the chair from just tipping over backwards. In other words, I really don't recommend modifying a standard chair. I would be more inclined to suggest building a whole new wheelchair with the intention of making it powered.
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That is what I wanted to do is to start over from scratch. But the problem is that of finding all the parts that I need to do that. I cannot just get out and go hunting for everything like I used to. I need to find someone who knows where and what I can take the parts out of so I can just look for those pertictular pieces because there are a lot of places I can't get to anymore. If someone on this site that knows about what it will take to make one and place some kind of list of parts and where I can look for them would be a major help to me. I have a friend that can do the welding for me since I can't do it anymore. Thank you for your comments and all your help, you don't realize how much all this means to me. Weather anyone can help me or not I wish everyone to have a great day and keep up the making of everything you can. I love this site very much.
Start at the bicycle shop for wheels, hardware store for casters, and cheap 24v cordless drills for motors (disassembled). Those parts alone will hit roughly $150 around here.
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bwpatton 1 I have not been able to find any used ones for under $500.00 and I can't go anywhere near that kind of money. Being on a fixed income it would take me 5 yrs to get that kind of cash. but thank you anyway for your reply.

GuardianFox = I talk to a lawyer about it and there's nothing I could do because It was just he and I there and I didn't have a recording devices handy ( guess I need to start carrying one all the times)
I have been worrying about modifying that chair because will it take all the extra weight being the weight limit on the chair is 300lbs and I weight 330 as it is. so I really need to start one from scratch and go from there but I am not fiscally able to do that on my own and I have no friends left to help. I have been trying to find some kind of chair or something I can try to use to go from there but to no avail. Any more sugestions???
And thanks for your reply
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Umm, Actually you could proabley buy a used electric wheelchair for cheaper, and it would be easier to just buy on then try to convert..