I need help in " Police Light " circuit ?

Hi everyone 

I'm working now on this circuit and I really need its datasheet
so does anyone have the datasheet or any helpful information for "police light " circuit ?

 < the link below is a video for the circuit >

any help is appreciated 



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canucksgirl5 years ago
I guess you didn't see the URL posted below the video???

On the website, there is an overview, a full parts list and the schematics...

CSE251 (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
^-^ " hhhh yes I didn't see it canucksgirl
thanks a lot
No problem. Is there anything else that you need?
CSE251 (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
no thanks my friend :)
Ok, no problem. I only asked because you left the question open. (To mark a question as "answered" you have to click one of the blue "best answer" buttons). ;)
dongmarz4 years ago
hi... just wanna ask if you do have an PCB pattern of police lights-2 circuit?
jst need help for who have...im a beginner and not familiar with electronics..i need this for my motorcycle... i just want to put 12 red and 12 blue LEDs for it into 12 volts batt...pls help... waiting for your reply...
i got the circuit diagram from 555 timer circuit and i didnt understand... much better if i have an PCB pattern for easy wiring...
This is a trick question, right?

The descriptive text for this video includes a link to a circuit diagram, here:

The 555 timer and the 4017 decade counter, are very common and well known ICs.  You can find the datasheets for those many places.  For some reason, I usually use this place:
CSE251 (author)  Jack A Lopez5 years ago
thaank you very much Jack ..
I was asking that maybe I can find someone who did this before and give me some simple informations about it

thank you my friends .. I appreciate your help
rickharris5 years ago

Aggh I just read Canucksgirl and she beat me to it :-)
CSE251 (author)  rickharris5 years ago
Thank you rickharris ^^