I need help moving some buttons on a GameBoy Color.

I have been working on a modification to a GameBoy Color.  I am basically putting it into another case that I have custom designed for the project.  I was just wondering, is it possible to break off a part of a circuit board and connect it with wires?

I basically just want to move the "A" and "B" buttons 1/2 inch to the right to make them fit in the case better.  I think that will be easier than designing button extensions or something like that.

I included an image to show the board and how the parts are labeled.  It is pretty easy to figure out what portion is what button (thanks Nintendo).

An example of a similar idea can be seen here:  Ben Heck's Portable PS1 (It is a little past halfway down the page, where he shows how the inside was wired.  From what I can tell, he broke his PS1 controller into sections.)

Picture of I need help moving some buttons on a GameBoy Color.
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Yep, you sure can.

Even though you can see multiple pads for each button, there are actually only two connections for each (if you have at the start button for instance you can see that they are connected diagonally)

All you need to do is solder two wires for each button, when these wires make contact, it will be just as if you pressed the button.

You can check which pads to solder your wires to by turning the gameboy on, then getting a piece of wire and connect it between any two pads for each button (one button at a time) if it does nothing then it means you have just connected two pads that are already connected together. Once you find the two pads that work then thats where you solder your wires to.
skittlespider (author)  bradsprojects6 years ago
Thanks for that idea. I'll have to try that before trying the more destrictive approach.
skittlespider (author) 6 years ago

Thank you for your answers everyone!  Thanks to your help I got my latest project mostly up and running.  I combined a Nintendo DS and a GameBoy Color inside an original GameBoy case.  You can see the Instructable I posted here

 I call it the GameBoy DS and I would appreciate any votes if you think my project is worthy to win on the video game contest.
daltonjcw6 years ago
DO NOT BREAK THE PCB BOARD! That will most probably kill you gameboy. The gold color leads on the pad are connected when the button goes down. If you connect a wire (solder carefully) to each of the leads, when the wires touch, it sends the signal for A or B. Worth checking to make sure you did it right. cool project, Cheers!
skittlespider (author)  daltonjcw6 years ago
Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try the wire idea first.

If nothing else, the board in the picture was my first attempt. I accidentally broke the game connector, so that board is kind of dead anyway. It might be worth an experiment to see which method works better.
those gold color leads are real gold!
76543216 years ago
Just make sure you connect any/all broken traces