I need help with a LED array Plan. help out?

I want to make a 512 LED array, controlled by a arduino. 

Basicly, Im going for a 32 bank audio spectrum analyzer. 

The bottom up, will be blue. The first thirty rows. Then the top two rows will be red. 
I have NO idea how to make that work. Or what I'd need besides led's. 
I was hoping to make the input just come from a ipod. so I could plug in a two way splitter into the ipod and plug the array in, and the other into a speaker. so you can hear the music of course. 

I got the inspiration from this youtube video. thats what I wanna make, But with a arduino telling it what to do. 

Thats where Im at so far. So any help would be greatly appreciated :D

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frollard5 years ago
512 is an awful lot of leds to drive with an arduino.

Describe EXACTLY what you want, do you want it 32 levels of amplitude over 16 frequency channels or 16 levels of amplitude over 32 frequency channels?

There are lots of spectrum VU meters on instructables -- the easiest method I can think of is to use the specific IC for driving led VU meters, LM3915.
that way you just use a bandpass filter to change what frequency hits the chip, then use the chip to drive the leds, they can be cascaded to get your (16 or 32) levels.
'earl (author)  frollard5 years ago
did you look at the video? Idk which would be best of what you described there.. I just want it to do what it does in the video
frollard 'earl5 years ago
that uses multiple PIC16F871 processors to drive it, far more powerful than a single arduino.

As iceng says, here on ibles there are already arduino vu meters...check those out.
'earl (author)  frollard5 years ago
I have,. I think they're lame. I want one thats bigger than a lol shield. if I wanted one like that Id just get a lol shield
frollard 'earl5 years ago
Right, what we mean is by understanding the lolshield, you'll get the skills/designs necessary to make a bigger one.
'earl (author)  frollard5 years ago
Not exactly, more led's requires more hardware. I get the idea of it. but this will require IC's and stuff

Not sure what actual hardware I would need to buy.
'earl (author)  'earl5 years ago
also, I know it can be done. as there are "512 led" led cubes
iceng5 years ago
Start by understanding the  LoL Shield Audio Spectrum VU Meter
in the right Related ibles