I need help with a remote circuit.

So here's my story: I want to impress my rc car club teacher person guy by building my own rc car from scratch, but I already have an idea about how to control it and stuff. I just need to make a rc circuit. Basically I need a radio transmitter that can be made with minimal parts, no i.c.'s, and it has to transmit at least 50 feet. And I need a reciever to pick up the radio signals and this also has to be minimal components, no i.c.'s, and it has to pick up the radio signals of the controller. I was expecting the signal to be in the khz section because it's easier to make that. So someone please give me a link or schematic for this. And also, the parts have to be what radioshack supplies. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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As Steve said an old circuit from the 50s or 60s will do the job but have a lot of parts. You can go for this circuit that does use an ic and is very simple ask the radio shack people if you can ship in the chips.
lemonie6 years ago

You want to impress someone by doing something you've hardly-any idea how to do?
No ICs - good luck.
Are you asking the rest of the world to Google you some schematics?

techno guy (author)  lemonie6 years ago
I already tried googleling the schematic and I got nothing that was helpful. It was all based in pic or arduino, or ir light.
Yes that's it, people use modern components these days.
Old-circuits have a lot more bits in them, but you'd be going back 30 years or more with an IC free design I'd think.
(I can't find anything like that)

rickharris6 years ago
Although it can be done - You will never match the bought option. Their skill, experience and equipment will far outrun anything you have access to.
iceng6 years ago
I saw transistor only RC controls from China long ago about 11 transistors for 5'

Now days its all black blob stuff. Evan the dinky ones.
You do this and publish, I will send you a patch.

You need to go back to the old books, from the 50s and 60s when folks still rolled their own. They didn't use proportional control, just bang-bang.