I need help with makeing a still?

In this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Filk4I4Axg&feature=related  this guy makes a still from a stock pot but he used some toxic sealnt to make the pot air tight what can u use to seal the pot and still be able to open it when i need to add more mash to it thats not toxic??

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caarntedd5 years ago
If you need something you can apply from a tube that will make a seal as it sets, try a plumbing supplier and see if they have a sealant for potable water fixtures.

Does it come into contact with your mash, or does it have to withstand pressure? If not, then what about a sort of putty made from flour and water or something else edible. What about kid's stuff like play doh?
There shouldn't ever be any pressure in a still.

uncontrolled distillation temperatures and forced cooled distillation are the main causes of introducing Methanol into the mix - A bad thing!

Ethanol good (in moderation)

Methanol bad in any amount.
iceng5 years ago
Hold it steady :-)

canucksgirl5 years ago
Just don't make it for moonshine.... even in Delaware the consequences are Federal Jail time (as I understand).
Get to a local bearing stockist and get a solid silicone rubber O ring that fits.

+1 It's always worth doing right.

Alternatively you could use a big pressure cooker which should come with an appropriate seal.