I need help with nerf stefans. Anybody an expert?

Alright, so i got the backing rod, got the weights, made the darts. Now what? is there anyway i can use them without modding my nerf gun? please help!

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Shut Up Now8 years ago
you can twist out the pegs in your nerf guns quite easily, but if you arent up to it, you will have to somehow make holes in your stefans. a screwdriver will work.
There are multiple ways to remove the pegs also knowns as air restrictors. I take a hammer and a flat head screwdriver that fits in the barrel and stick it in the barrel then hammer until it pops out.
DBMods7 years ago
go to youtube and search uin13's good stefans (Best stefans ever!)
seabananers7 years ago
Personally I would just remove the pegs as well as the air restrictor, as it is fairly easy and just removing the pegs by twisting them give stock darts more distance as well due to reduced friction. And nerf gun mods are (usually) easy. Just take apart the gun, find the barrel(usually large and orange), look for a little round thing with multiple pegs, remove it, and take a drill(with a drill bit slightly thicker than the pegs) and drill straight through the center of where the restrictor was before, the peg should fall right out, as well as increasing airflow in your gun. Although, if you really don't want to mod your gun, heat up a nail and put it straight through the stefan, it will melt the inside and make a space for peg(work outside, those fumes are bad for you), don't hold the nail with your hand either, It will burn it.
Frindledon37 years ago
get a nail as long as the dart and heat up the front with a lighter or stove or blow torch, or whatever you have on hand. then before you heat it up measure how far you want to make the hole on the OUTSIDE of the dart and mark the dart or nail. THEN heat it up and stick it in the desired length but be careful cause you could totally mess up the dart.
Mr Cacti8 years ago
 Well, if you want you could make CDTD's. Take the tip off CAREFULLY. Drop in your weight, dome over w/ glue gun, then set to dry. DONE.
jwinskill098 years ago
 Another great way to use stefans is to go at them with a hot glue gun. Wait until it heats up, then use the metal cone to melt down the back-side. This should create a vacuum that allows for better shots, as well as being able to fit most stock guns. However, if your gun has a plastic peg too long for stefans, you may end up getting stuck with having to mod it.
Nerfgenius8 years ago
I'm doing to make an Instructable for seldom known stefans called matchstick stefans so sometime within the next month search it, and I just might have it done.
toogers8 years ago
if you have a soldering iron, stick that in the back of the stefans.wear a mask so you don't breath smoke, burning foam with a soldering iron puts off sickly fumes.
toogers toogers8 years ago
i forgot, make sure the iron is on.