I need ideas for a Winter themed table decoration. I will need enough for 6 tables. Any ideas? (I am desperate.)?

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ataylor26 years ago

Wow great ideas, i respect all of you and your thoughts.
gemgh (author) 8 years ago
Thanks for all the wonderful ideas. I had already checked Martha's site.  Will check out the other one.
Bet you two would make great wedding planners.  I have a lens on wedding planning and how to save money.
I'll go check your sites out now.
Again, thanks bunches!!!
Hi, this is Karla from Power Sewing. Sandra Betzina has a great how-to  video on how to make an awesome Silverware Holder for any occasssion on her website at www.powersewing.com. Not sure if this is the decoration you were looking for, but it makes an awesome addition to any event. I made on for the holidays and I received a ton of compliments on it.

The video is on the player on our home page and it is called Siverware Buffet holder.

Good Luck!

Blue and white ball ornaments placed into large glass bowls and dusted with fake snow.

Dried flower arrangements sprayed with fake snow.  Place some fake red cardinals around for extra wintery effect.

Snow globe "terrariums".  Create a wintery scene with snow, ice skaters, polar bears, whatever and put it under glass.

Fill large hurricane glasses with cranberries, juniper leaves, pine cones, walnuts, pears, etc.  Place multiple sizes on each table.  Do not mix the "ingredients" - let them have their own jars.

Large round mirror on the table with little swans "swimming" on it.  Dust with fake snow.

Check on Real Simple and Martha Stewart for other ideas.
That all sounds good.

In addition, you can buy small cheap snow-globes.  You could leave one in each place-setting as a party favour.

You can also get snow-globes with slots to insert photos into the snow.  You could place as many as you can budget for on the tables with photos relevant to the event (baby photos of the birthday boy, pictures of the happy couple etc).
I adore the idea of miniature snow globes as place cards/favors.  I bet the snow globes with "insert a picture" would work even better as a place card if it was within budget, but if it wasn't in budget, you could make your own with pretty glass jars.  Very cute and clever.
Maybe we ought to start up as wedding planners :-D
Ok, but only if you cover client contact and PR.  I don't think I could handle either without killing people which would potentially be bad for business.