I need ideas on what to do with all these Sobe bottles my husband insists on buying! HELP!?

I have a lot of these I keep taking out of the trash, and I haven't found a recycling center nearby yet.

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handprints8 years ago
How many ounces? I'll look in the store to see what they look like. Do you garden?
hishealer (author)  handprints8 years ago
20 ounces, and yes, I garden when my cats allow.
 I made a planter box with 20oz vitamin water bottles.  Lots of two steps forward, one step back.  I just need to edit my photos and then I can post (showing the flubs) and tomorrow I'll go back to see if I can get it done "the right way"! and then, I'll fix my instructable.  Look for "Plastic Bottles Planter Box" in the next week or so.
 I just published my instructable.  I think that you could use the glass bottles instead of plastic.  If you drill holes in the frame to weave wire out and in and around your bottles, they can be held in place pretty easily.  Drainage for the bottles would not work but if you filled the bottles with colored glass or beads, that might look pretty, especially in the sunlight.  In the rain, they would fill with water and you might have some algae and mosquito issues...not sure how to deal with that.

Good luck!!!
hishealer (author)  handprints7 years ago

I could fill them with colored glass marbles and close them up.  I keep the caps because I reuse some of them as water bottles until the caps start rusting.  Maybe some hot glue inside the cap to keep them water tight...

Re-design8 years ago
Get together with the guy who wants to build a raft or a boat out of plastic bottles.
hishealer (author)  Re-design8 years ago
These are glass... But you seem to be familiar with the concept... Would you be or know such a person? ;p
codongolev8 years ago
you could break them all up and put them in some sort of large glass thing (if they're colored, it's even better) then take apart a lamp and put the bulb in the middle.
hishealer (author)  codongolev8 years ago
I bet that would look so sweets until the bulb blows, unless... Maybe a colored bulb... I'll think on that, and maybe make a whole new 'ible!
hishealer (author)  hishealer8 years ago
On second thought, I have to figure a way to do this without slashing myself to bits in the process. I R Klumzee
I got the ideas from a bawls lamp. it was a bunch of broken up bawls bottles inside another bawls bottle with an led at the top. looked pretty cool.
Bartboy8 years ago
A (Ok) Use them as vases for plants.
B (Better) Give them away
C (BEST!) Build Sobe bombs