I need more ideas for things to do with old computer parts such as ram sticks and old CD.

I already know about keychains and jewerly. How can you cut up a piece of ram and a cd without it shattering? I'm looking for something new and different and hopefully it can be useful. Thanks for the help!

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I have an old fried mother board in my room that is use to store unused cables. Mother boards also contain 5-pin 3.5mm audio jacks, which aren't even available from parts express

jduffy544 years ago
Desolder the RAM chip flash chips and use them as they're intended (more or less). depending on the type, an arduino should be able to use them for vastly extended memory.
yeah, the microwaved cd is a classic. We used to put them around our peepholes in our dorms. Didn't even have to glue or tape them, the diameter was perfect. Some friends also microwaved about 30 and connected 6 or so with string, essentially making their own "hanging beads in the doorway" effect, but much bigger.

Also, I'm a fan of getting/making a shadowbox lined with felt or velvet and putting these different items in there - throw a label on each one and wall hang them. Or same idea under a glass-top coffee table. Always a good conversation piece. Also, time only makes them more cool because anything technological gets phased out really fast so you'll always have that "holy snap I remember that!" effect.

good luck.
jbaker225 years ago
leave it together put a game system emulater on it.
give them to friends let the pile build else were :P
A CD behaves pretty much like a diffraction grating. If you scrape all the silvery thing off it, you get a medium-resolution spectroscope.
Goalie17 years ago
You could microwave a cd. It gives it a makes the silver side a little patchy.
robotguy47 years ago
Got Lego? CDs can be used as ammo for a hammerhead.
If you use a soldering iron I know that you can make clean holes in CDs, and then I've seen them made into curtains between doors. You could also put the CD in the oven, bend it in half and attach a zipper to make a change purse.
Jaymister7 years ago
make a toy ufo
Kryptonite8 years ago
You could use it on an old t-shirt for a bit of abstract art.
pandas4me (author)  Kryptonite8 years ago
If you did this then think of how you would wash it! By hand? Not me!
I imagine one could do it with a gentle wash... depending on how you attached it.
Re-design8 years ago
Make multi. cuts with a sharp knife on the circuit board then bend and the memory stick should snap where you want it to and not shatter.