I need plans for a flag pole mount for my motorcycle want to fly a 3' x 5' flag?

I ride a 2006 nomad 1600cc

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skunkbait8 years ago
If you have a sissy bar, then mount a1' long tube (PVC is probably best) vertically, to the back of it. Then you can just slip your flag pole in and out easily. I'd find a slightly smaller diameter aluminum pipe, like a tent pole or something(About 4' long), and attach the flag to that.
onejigdaddy (author)  skunkbait8 years ago
I have a HD tour pack instead I was wondering if anyone had a pattern for a trailer hitch for a motorcycle
Like one that fits through the hitch, where the ball would go?
onejigdaddy (author)  skunkbait8 years ago
Yes thats what I'm looking for do you have plans?
Sorry, I don't have any plans like that. The main thing would be to have a long bolt, spring washer and a solid nut. You could mount it "threaded side up", and slip a hollow flag pole over it.
lemonie8 years ago
How about a piece of PVC tubing? L