I need some help an an ignitor box (loook in details)? {REMADE}

Alrighti posted this before but it seemed like people didnt understand what was going on. Altight, we have a box and our first switch is a rolling switch (SWITCH 0) that is used to make sure that it only works if the box is closed. Then we have a series of 5 switches that are basic on off switches {SWITCH 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) and the switches are used for how many ignition we wish to do at one time but these switches have to be switched in order so example we cant turn on switch 3 without first flipping switch 2 and etc but these switches will light a light a soon as there flipped on still with the rule that the previous switch must be switched first also the switches run a positve current throu our first alligator clips of the ignition cords. then we have a main switch (SWITCH 7) that has a cover as a safety and this will also turn on a light and this switch will run current to our last switch (SWITCH 1) which is a momentary push switch that will run the negative current to the second alligator clips of the ignition cords thus setting off what was wished to be ignited. but we have the problem of the current bypassing (LOOK AT THE PICTURE) so therefore switch 7 isnt needeed bet yet it only is used to light up our (LIGHT 6) so we need to figure out how can we prevent this from happening without completely rendering our circut.

Picture of I need some help an an ignitor box (loook in details)? {REMADE}
lemonie8 years ago
Yes. L
seandogue8 years ago
Now, if we want to make this a bluetooth wireless circuit... (j/k)
lemonie8 years ago
You diagrams are good. I think the author might just be after a fix for what they have rather than a new circuit that works?

lemonie8 years ago
I already pointed out what's wrong with this and offered a solution. Frollard also gave you a good answer - why post it again? The same problems are still there - fix them first and then repost it? L