I need some help identifying transistors?

I have what they all say on them, and I tried googling some of them but cant find data sheets.. I took them off a board from a dvd/vcr 

Heres what they say: 

c2120    y   og  

a1015    gr  og 

n1f4m  k306m  

a1f4m  k399m

a1f4m  k39ym  

k2715   h

c3195  y  1130

c3195  y 1134  

c2785  k06m 

h 1815  gh gr

c536n  f  od1 

c2785  f0bm 

How do I figure out what I can use them for? 

lemonie6 years ago
Go to Google, type the number and if Google doesn't auto-complete with  " datasheet" add that on the end.

'earl (author)  lemonie6 years ago
I tried that, It took me to websites that have a bunch of links saying theyre data sheets, but they end up going no where.. :|
lemonie 'earl6 years ago