I need tips on how to care for a bamboo shrimp. Can anyone help me?

I just recently bought a bamboo shrimp, i thought is was a different shrimp. My parents said i could keep it if i found out how to care for it. I searched Google and i couldn't find any good care sheets or instructions.

Please help i don't want it to die.

BTW: I named it Shrimpy :D

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lemonie7 years ago
Did you see this?
or this one:
or this:

They tell me that with the right tank (described in those links) you'll be OK, but read what you / Shrimpy need.

playmoboy (author)  lemonie7 years ago
I read all of those but they don't give any detail on how to set up the tank. Thank you for helping tho.
Bamboo shrimp require a water current to filter feed, so they can only be recommended for tanks with aquarium filters in them.
They are filter feeders which collect microorganisms resulting from the waste produced by other inhabitants of the aquarium

Have you got that much?

playmoboy (author)  lemonie7 years ago

Thank you I have everthing i need.

PS: he looks happier after i put the filter in.

Oh good, glad about that.