I need to build a networkable relay control for a water pump.

There is a water tank on top of this villa (about 40m up.) On the ground floor is the pump. I wanted to put a fluid level indicator in the tank that can be hooked up to a PCB. The board will then be hooked up to our internal network. At the pump will be a relay to turn it on and off, also on the network. This way the pump will turn on and off automatically.Ideally, the whole system would be web enabled and allow for logging, but that more of a "wish list" then a requirement. could I do something like this with an arduino board? I don't have much experience with them, but I'd love to learn more about them. 

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Yes you can net an arduino with an ethernet attachment. caveat emptor


gmxx7 years ago
 Even easier: Use an iobridge board.

It is programmed over the web, will do data logging on the iobridge server, and has prebuilt relay, temperature, serial output, light sensors availble
inchman (author)  gmxx7 years ago
 I don't want to have a dedicated server for this task.  I was just hoping to use either-net to connect the unit reading the tank level to the unit that turns the pump on and off.  Can these devices talk to each other like that?
gmxx inchman7 years ago
 depends. if you dont care about control over the internet or from a computer on the network, then you can just use ethernet cable to transmit data. it wont be sent in true ethernet data packets.

And requires internet access ? 

 it does. I assumed based on op's question that the network would have internet access
I looked at his location and thought it might be a bit intermittent that's all. This connectivity issue I see  as a major flaw with the Iobridge concept personally. What do you think ? 

 the iobridge has some ability for onboard actions that dont require internet access. i ve calculated how much traffic this thing uses, and its about a 3/4 of a gigabyte over the course of a year. you could probably run an iobridge of a computer tethered to a phone.

the other thing was, he mentioned web control, implying he had internet connectivity.
Ultimately, the NetIOM is cheaper and completely autonomous. YMMV.
For NETworkable stuff these days, I'd just use one of these
or if you aren't working into a whole house scheme one of these:

I've used the NetIOM, its pretty well perfect for what you want to do.

inchman (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
 I would need two of these as the locations are very distance.  Can one unit "talk to" the other unit and tell the other unit to turn on/off?

I'm sorry I was a little confused with the original posting.  I meant they need to talk to each other on Ethernet.  We have a good network that has jacks near the tank and the pump.  I can't run a wire from the tank to the pump.  So one of these devices would read the tank level, then send a signal to the other unit to tell it to turn on or off.

Yes, there is a "bridging" version of the things which does just what you want.
BUT.... How do you get at the ENDS of the ethernet wires that go to the pump and the tank ? Are they accessible ? If so, there is a SPARE pair of wires in there you could just use to switch directly  - all you need is a "CAT-5 splitter" like this www.homestead.co.uk/productcategorydetail.aspx

That would make a circuit for you.