I need to build a pic or a solar powered racer for school which racer would you recommend?

I'm a high school student from BRGS in England
Me and my mate have been entered in the Toyota Technology competition 2009-2010
We need some help in decided which would be easier to build.
And the solar powered car is a eco friendly car.
But the pic car course is a lot harder than the solar car track.
Here is a link to the web page http://www.rapidonline.com/netalogue/toyota/default.html?

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jonnybo1118 years ago
why not ask ME!!!
little brother

Sandisk1duo8 years ago
if you can invest $500 to build it...

then you would need to buy solar panels, wood, wheels, an electric engine, and gears
Engine implies expansion of a material to power it. It is an electric motor. Cars and steam locomotives have engines. Fans and rc cars have motors.
They've already got a free chassis, PICAXE, software, motors and gearboxes. What they lack is any idea at all about how to do this algorithmically.

Looking at the "PIC racer" problem, it LOOKS a bit like micromouse, but without the walls, and I wonder if thats a good place to look for solutions to the software.

Oh yes.

neivadan8 years ago
build the solar powered racer while at ti i know how to bulid one just ask me if u want tu build one oh and the names neivadan
lizzyastro8 years ago
Why not ask your dad ?