I need to change a batch files icon. Are there any good portable free programs out there?


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B.F.L.M8 years ago
the only way ive ever tried(that worked) was to put it in a folder (hidden) and create a shortcut, then you can change the shortcuts icon and name. but the file stays the same. sorry, thats all i got. BfAiTlCeH
XOIIO (author)  B.F.L.M8 years ago
OK, this worked wee, just one question, i can't find the folder again. it's on desktop, was that a bad idea and how do i get it back?
B.F.L.M XOIIO8 years ago
you can do a search for it, how did you lose it, and do you have the original file? Another way is to convert it to a .exe file, but you might not be able to edit it so make a copy before you convert it (i just found out today, sorry)
XOIIO (author)  B.F.L.M8 years ago
Don't worry too much, it's not a very important thing. i tried to search for it and it did not work. i need a way to reveal hidden folders. i don't know if there is another way to find it.
B.F.L.M XOIIO8 years ago
you could also make a batch file that reveals/creates SYSTEM hidden folders (so they cant be veiwed or searched as easily :P
the file should contain:

@echo off
color 2a
set /p undefine=Would you like to View or Hide (enterfilename+ext. here)? (v/h)
if %undefine%==h goto hide
if %undefine%==v goto view
attrib (filename+ext. here) +s +h
echo Complete!
attrib (filename+ext. here) -s -h
echo Complete
B.F.L.M XOIIO8 years ago
to 'reveal' hidden folders, you need to click.....My Computer>Change a Setting>Folder Options.... and look for or (or somthing like that) when you go anywere on your hard drives the hidden files will look sortof faint...........
TheBatchies7 years ago
See, why does it say "null?" Please check out my question about this. I could use your help.
animan18 years ago
do what "B.F.L.M" says EXEPT put it in a secret folder!!!! to find one just search how to make an invisible folder
lemonie8 years ago
I answered this yesterday (another one vanishes). In Windows at least, default icons are assigned by file-extension. You can change the default icon through Folder Options - File Types. L
XOIIO (author)  lemonie8 years ago
i checked, it did not work.
lemonie XOIIO8 years ago
It does work, you've not done it right? Explorer window > Tools > Folder options > File Types Oh hang on, I can't find it now (did i find it before?). Post another question / forum Topic that says "What open-with do I use for a new Windows file-type that opens like a .bat - I want to create a new file type for batch files so that I can assign a custon icon for them" L L