I need to know how to make a arrow head but there are no good instructables for it?

It needs to be durable

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I made a pretty good broadhead out of a spoon. I cut the handle off, and hammered the crap out of the bowl on a vice until it was flat, and then ground it down into shape. Because of the hammering, it will be work-hardened into the most bend-resistant steel plate you've ever seen.

These pages,
are from the old cave section of Kevin Dunn's Caveman Chemistry pages, and these describe how to make an arrowhead from glass from a beer bottle.

By the way, Kevin advises wearing safety glasses and leather gloves, for most of the steps in working the arrowhead.

Actually its a little confusing, because in one part the page he screams in all caps, "WEAR HEAVY LEATHER GLOVES", but then in another part he screams, "HOLD THE BOTTOM WITH LEATHER GLOVES OR WITH YOUR LEATHER PALM PAD"

And the picture on that page shows somebody's bare hands plus a leather pad, working an arrowhead.  So, uh, maybe somewhere in there the rule changed from HEAVY LEATHER GLOVES to LEATHER PALM PAD is OK.  Maybe the workpiece became less dangerous as it got flatter? Who knows?  I'd probably still be wearing gloves at that step.

But, you know, whatever you're doing, you want to get through the job without maiming yourself, and that's why you should be cognizant of this safety stuff. 

Also, while on the topic of safety,  do NOT shoot arrows at your friends, at least not at the friends you want to keep.
dorisforman4 years ago
There are lots of reliable resources outside Instructables :) For example, you can check this video on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNYmJUDwzr4&noredirect=1
rickharris4 years ago
if it's fr cos play plastic will be easiest to handle - Pick a shape you like - cut it out and putinto a split shaft Glue and bind to secure.
bwrussell4 years ago
Instructables isn't the only place to learn how to do stuff. Start with Google and maybe a direct search on youtube.
steel or stone or glass
oldmicah4 years ago
Search you tube for flint knapping. Know I've seen some good ones out there, but don't have any linked. Best o luck!
What kind? Flint, razer, practice, ect.?

Why not buy one?