I need to know how to make a bathtub?

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paulcauchon6 years ago
This is probably**** your best bet....

For this you will need:
Fiberglass cloth
Fiberglass resin
Waxed paper
About 12 hours

1)    Surreptitiously* gain access to someone else's tub (SOT).
2)    Adhere a waxed paper to the SOT such that it sticks smoothly to the surface of the tub.
3)    Create a fiberglass mold** of the SOT according to the directions on the resin.
3.1) Meticulously clean the SOT. denatured alcohol and a lint free cloth work well for this.
3.2) Allow the SOT to dry completely, and wipe it out one more time to make sure there are no contaminants left in the SOT.
3.3) Prepare your resin by carefully adding the hardener to the resin in the prescribed amounts.
3.4) Cover your fiberglass cloths in the resin and then apply them to the covered tub.
3.5) Paint a smooth layer of fiberglass resin on the the cloth. Make sure you get all the air out.
3.6) Wait two hours until the surface of the glass/resin compound is firm yet tacky. Mix a new batch of resin and add another layer of your compound. Repeat to a sufficient structural thickness.
3.7) Enjoy a drink and teach your canary a new song*** while you wait for the fiberglass to cure. Probably around 4 hours, which means you might be able to get two or three songs in, if you have a particularly bright canary.
4)    Carefully remove the hardened fiberglass tub out of the SOT and peel away the waxed paper from it.
5)    With great haste, remove the SOT from its fittings (by means of force if necessary), leaving the new fiberglass tub in its place.
6)    While distracting the owners of the SOT with your canary's new song(s), abscond with the SOT. If found sneaking out, reassure the owners that it is a matter of national security, and you must complete your tests at the lab.
7)   Never come back.
8)   ????????????????????
9)   Profit!

I hope these concise instructions help you in the right direction.

Happy bathtubbing!

*I've had the most luck of working under the guise of The Bathtub and Sink Grout Inspector (BASGI for short, pronounced bahz-GEE). Success here is dependent on three things: The mustache, the badge, and the element of surprise.

**Be sure to have proper ventilation or at least one Miner's Canary when working with fiberglass resin. Thick gloves and some safety goggles are probably a good idea too here, though you'll probably have difficulty finding them in proper sizes for your canary.

***The Beatles' Julia is a rather lovely canary tune.

**** This solution is provided on an as is basis. Any harm done to you or anyone else (canaries not withstanding) during this process is the sole responsibility of you, the bathtub creator. If successful, no credit to me is necessary; simply remember me fondly when you tell the tale of your adventures to your grandchildren. If unsuccessful, I'm fine with you remembering me less-than-fondly in your tales.
elseajane (author)  paulcauchon6 years ago
I love this! Thanks for making me laugh.
milesnorth5 years ago
Take a look at this instructable and it will give you some good ideas of how to go about your project I think. Just take it to a larger scale, b ut ths same basic idea I think. I am not a pro by any means, but on a bigger scale I think you would want to add some wire mesh/rebar internally for strength. Would love to see how it turns out. Good luck.

onrust6 years ago
use a garbage can
elseajane (author)  onrust6 years ago
Garbage can? Please let me in on the type and size of can your refereing to. Thanks, ElseaJane
I do not know our actual needs OR desire, but it sounds like you want an actual tub. A buddy of mine has one of these on the roof of his shop in Phoenix. It is very much a "hot tub".
galveditorial (1).jpg
Instead of the humour, what KIND of tub do you want ?
elseajane (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
Please see my general answer above. I will be glad to send exact measurements if needed.
Thanks, ElseaJane
Its going to very hard, if you keep flagging the solutions as "above your skill level". What ARE the size constraints ? We have a sit-in tub at home that takes a lot less space than an ordinary tub for example.

elseajane (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
I'll post them ASAP. When I say that things are above my skill level I mean that I haven't tried the techniques yet and want to try them on something smaller than a bathtub. Also I don't have a lot of big power tools, that make constructing an upside down boat a little more difficult. Though I am collectng tools.
Thanks, Elsea
A wooden tub is feasible, and there are some nice (but VERY expensive) designer ones out there.
elseajane (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
Ok my bath measures 81in. x 83inchs. And the area that I have to put a tub into with out moving the sink plumbing is 45 in. x 50 in. Pretty small. I've looked into a japanise soaking tub or the like that could be custom sized to fit my area but I worry about weight and also about doing the concrete myself. It's a technique that I haven't ever done and I would like to try it on a smaller project before I go this big.
I need to keep the cost as low as possable, I and my husband live on a very limited income. That's why the idea of a stock tank might work. I'm thinking is I builf a wooden frame to set in into that would support the edges by toenailing it into boards on the wall and placing an extra brace below it in the bacement. Then wraping the body in insulation to help hold the heat, finnaly finishing the "box' nicely with tile. I could get something nice and comfortable. I don't know how to plumb the bottom to use as a drain.
I am open to all ideas. EJ
I'd look seriously at wood for this. Usually wooden tubs are round, but I suspect you could make a square one, with good bracing around the edges.
elseajane (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
Yes we have this type and they are way out of my price range. but thanks for the throught and link to them. Any ideas as to the best way to water proof a wooden tub?
Made well, they seal themselves with the water making the wood expand slightly. Like I said, its a lot easier if the tub is round.

These are the guys we got our tub from (we live in England), surely there must be a similar US one ? These tubs hold about the same as a conventional one, just deeper. 

Re-design6 years ago
Build a water tight wooden box. Line the inside with wax. Fill with water and bath. Watch out for splinters.
And if you put a lid on it, there are even more uses!
elseajane (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
Are you talking about the box idea? Please let me in on your ideas.
Thanks, ElseaJane
It was meant as a joke. A wooden box, large enough for a person, with a lid. What could you use such a thing for? Say, if you had a corpse stashed in a closet or basement somewhere...
elseajane (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
OK! So.. I'm a little dense;-) Now I get it... Thanks any way, no bodies...yet...
If I don't get a good hot bath soon ....
elseajane (author)  Re-design6 years ago
Line with wax...really? Like parafin?
orksecurity6 years ago
Look at the boat-building instructables; turn them inside out.
elseajane (author)  orksecurity6 years ago
Way over my skill level.
Thanks, ElseaJane
elseajane (author) 6 years ago
I like the humor guys, and I can always use a good laugh, but sereously (sp?) folks. I do need some help I have a ver small and odd shapped bathroom (the only one in the house) that I would like to put a tub into. It currently has a corner shower that we would be removing and using the tub as a shower/tub combo. With out moving all the plumbing I am looking for something deep enough to soak in but rather short and wide. I have looked at the idea of a stock tank and think I could manage it but how do you plumb the drain. I'll be doing this my self and am open to all ideas...except maybe stealing someone elses tub...trash can? How so?
Anyway I welcome all the help I can get and I did watch video on poured concrete, a little over my skill level.
aeray6 years ago
Use a stock tank.
aelias366 years ago
...okay, then...

Tried watching the "How It's Made" episode on it?