I need to know now?

Is there a way to make an out door atmospher indoor. So a huge building that has the feeling of sun on you shade temp. changes.

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Yes, it has been done. Sort of. The concept needs some serious work before it can be practical.

But as NikonDork said, try to describe the fine details of what you need and the limitations placed on your project.
NikonDork8 years ago
What? Step 1: Take a deep breath, and step back from the keyboard. Step 2: Close your eyes, and exhale that deep breath you just took. Step 3: Now use your thought process and visualize the problem you need assistance with. Step 4: Now take note off all the details - even the small ones (more about this later) Step 5: Finally, with all those ideas still fresh in your head, reapproach your keyboard and put those ideas/concepts in your post or question. Remember those small details? Yeah don't leave them out.
Yes...... Details. Use the force.... of details
. I like that.
awesome lol simply awesome
lemonie8 years ago
Floodlights? Big fans? Potted trees? Critters? L
psymansays8 years ago
I don't think that what you're asking for is practical, basically a giant window for a roof? Just go outside, to feel outside. Or build a huge greenhouse.