I need to know where to put the POT in the treadmill motor controller?

 I need to know where to put the POT in the treadmill motor controller? Because I have a digital controller from model MC2100 (proform 400X) Thanks

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seandogue8 years ago
If the controller's setpoint input is an analog value, then the pot would probably go there. If it uses a purely digital control scheme (setpoint is input using a touchscreen and or keyboard, then you're probably out of luck.
dulo (author)  seandogue8 years ago
if show you pic about digital controller you can tell me were put the potenciometer?
Thank you
seandogue dulo8 years ago
I'm not sure. It's probably that either I can or someone else can. Always best to give as much information upfront as possible. IME, people are more likely to answer when they feel it won't be an open-ended obligation to hand-hold a person.

I would strongly suggest that you add the picture to your question by editing it, rather than by replying to me personally with the pic. At that point, you can toss me a reply so I know you've altered the question with the added information.

I would not suggest just sending a picture of the device itself, as that likely contains no useful information with which to answer you. What is required is some sort of schematic representation and/or listing of the user-interface terminals.
I think the feds will still find your stash.  Treadmill motors are the first place they look.
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
if it is digitally controlled, i don't think you can put a pot into it
Sandisk1duo8 years ago