I need to make a GINORMOUS human sized corn-chip, doesn't need to be edible it will be used once as a mascot. any ideas?

I thought paper-mache but that will take ages and i need it soon. ANY IDEAS WOULD BE GREAT! THANKS!

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KitschyKoo8 years ago
Get a foam matress and cut triangle corn chip shape with an electric knife. Use the electric knife to cut a slit in the foam, kinda like pita bread pocket. You could also cut the corners on an angle just like curled up ends on corn chips. Cut holes for your arms and face. Use spray paint to colour ensuring that you get the brown flecks.
That sounds good - you could also use two layers of thinner foam and sandwich yourself in the middle, depending on what you've got cheap/handy. Run wire around the edge just inside the edges of the "corn chip" to be able to position it as you like. A light coating of spraypaint will slightly digest the foam, and hopefully do just enough to give it a rough surface more like a corn chip. Test on a non-costume piece of the same foam first, though!
acidbass7 years ago
you are obsessed with chips arent you
These guys have good answers. Polystyrene sheets with laminated papier mache over it is good and strong and really light. You could stick bubble wrap onto the polystyrene first to get a textured bobly finish!
javamomba8 years ago
paper mache on cardboard, all recycled materials...use the indestructable on papermaking, put wet paper mache on a huge boz that is the size you need...try a refridgerator or washing machine sized box...paint it to the color chip you want, presto...also use masking tape to add touches before you get it wet.
bendable wire mesh and paper mache.
That'd be my suggestion.
purduecer8 years ago
Indymogul did something that is probably applicable to this for BFX Episode 3 when they made a giant sandwich costume. You might want to check that out
110100101108 years ago
find some big cardboard boxes cut and deform them as needed if you want the chip to have curved sides (and not straight) cut holes for you to be in stick together with a lot of duct tape match the sides between boxes so the places where they meet are smooth as possible stick in that position with more duct tape to make smooth : stick paper pages over the places where boxes meet to make it more smooth to make rough : warp with your hands some more paper or thin cardboard and stick all over paint all over with wall paint and compressor or hand sprinkler please use used boxes and paper (recycle !)