I need to make a portable wall, something light weight but sturdy, relatively free standing..any ideas?

Just the basics, was thinking about using felt for "wall" but need ideas for the frame.
It will be used to block off the light from a projector, but it needs to go into the gallery space and out easily. Something light weight/portable but  needs to be free standing.

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jeff-o6 years ago
Try building something out of black coroplast (corrugated plastic). It's lightweight and pretty cheap. If they don't have black at your local home improvement store, call a sign shop. They should have what you need.
orksecurity6 years ago
If you need it to knock down to the most compact form possible, I'd suggest a simple wood or PVC rectangle with the fabric cover designed to snap or clamp to it.

If you just need to get it into a minivan rather than a suitcase, I'd suggest looking at traditional folding screen designs.
iceng6 years ago

I bought my kids pre-cut cardboard boxes ( fold them into brick shape 4"x3"x8" ).
They wall off whole rooms floor to ceiling, make igloos, etc.. Endless fun.

How large does it need to be? If it's not too big, you could construct the frame out of PVC pipe and then clamp, glue, or screw your wall material to the frame.
Yep, that works too, less sawdust but just as fun.
Vyger6 years ago
There is a type of art board the would work. Its about 1/4 inch to half inch thick and its foam core with a plastic coating. Basically its a sandwich. Its used for signs and posters and all kinds of stuff. You can make a light weight frame for it out of strips of 1/4 plywood. Use a staple gun to tack it together.