How can I make a strong uv light that I can use for A/C leak detection? Also need a source for some goggles to intensify

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gummypaul (author) 7 years ago
I found a cheap light and goggles at O'reilly's. I guess the next leak I have to search for I'll give them a try. Thanks, Paul.
gummypaul (author) 7 years ago
Sorry not to be more specific. Some car manufacturers place tracer dye in their A/C systems when the vehicle is built. There is also a after-market version for auto shops and DYRer's. The detection lights are above my budget so I wanted to make a homemade version. I wanted something to use that I might get by without buying the goggles to help intensify if possible. Thanks, Paul.
crocboy7 years ago
If you go to sparkfun you can buy UV LEDs: Get a bunch of these, a couple resistors and a power source and you could mount it all into a cheap dollar store flashlight casing to make an AC sniffer. You could also probably find higher wattage LEDs from any electronics supllier or on eBay.
lemonie7 years ago

Is there not a better way of detecting A/C-leaks? Like a chemical-sniffer?
What's the liquid?

I think the stuff in cars has a tracer in the lubricant that's in with the gas - its easier to find the traces by UV than a sniffer. Our sniffer is so appallingly sensitive, if you've had a leaky fitting in the building a week ago, you get wild readings.


It does depend upon what the liquid/gas is though, and we don't know (yet).

Like daylight visible ?