I need to make a sturdy book cover. can some one help?

 I want to make a cover (like a case) for my notebook and I was wondering what wound help make the case sturdy. I won't use cardboard because it will break really easily and then become useless. something rigid and light weight. Can someone help?

Burf7 years ago
Make one out of  1/8 inch thick peg board. Paint it  and then lace leather strips through the holes on one edge to make the back binding.
Koosie7 years ago
3mm aluminium tread-plating.  Strong, light and it looks good.
You can also lace it like Burf says.

Black leather on the shiny aluminium will look very good.
Iridium7 (author)  Koosie7 years ago
 sound really expensive. how much does it cost?
Re-design7 years ago
1/16" thick plywood.  You can get it at the hobby shop or woodworking shop.