I need to make a wedding reception a BIG ONE!?

My parents agreed to let me have $1,000,000 for the reception party,
does anyone have any good ideas for a SUPER reception?
Like a disco floor, jumping fountains, fog, tabletop fountains, etc.???
please let me know!!!

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Re-design8 years ago
Your parents are punking you.  They are going to put all the bills in your name and then after you are married you'll have a 1M$ debt.  It's a way to teach you the value of a $1.
led235 (author)  Re-design8 years ago
i dont think they are punking me because they own 2 range rovers, 5 imacs,  a ferrari, several ipods, a 20,000 bottle wine cellar, and over 2.7 million in stocks.
i dont think they are punking me. 
Did you really come here for answers or are you just bragging?  2.7 m in stocks ain't that much anymore.
led235 (author)  Re-design8 years ago
 i guess it isnt alot. im needing reccomendations for a great wedding reception.
If is was spending that much money one a single event I would definitely hire a professional planner.

And for sure get Me And My Monkey to play at the dance!
And why's your parents spending on this wedding?  Tradition has it that the girl's parents pay for the wedding.  Or is there not a girl involved?
led235 (author)  Re-design8 years ago
 im an only child, (sigh)
Z..8 years ago
I've looked at your questions kiddo,-they tend to suggest a lack of funds....?

Surely you could solve many problems with your $999,999- for a thousand you could book out a McDonald's, and feed everyone,-...and they could go outside and play afterwards...., and you could have streamers......., and ballooons........., and...... fantasy is a wonderful thing isn't it?? {0_~}!!
led235 (author)  Z..8 years ago
 i hate mcdonalds. lol
Z.. led2358 years ago
Good for you! You clearly have a set of decent taste buds!
led235 (author)  Z..8 years ago
=SMART=8 years ago
make everything from cake
=SMART= =SMART=8 years ago
led235 (author)  =SMART=8 years ago
 never thought of that
frollard8 years ago
I agree that its a sham. 

Either way; Elope, and keep the million.

May I recommend choreographing an awesome surprise dance for the first dance?

bumpus8 years ago
Spend $10,000 on a reception, $230,000 on a house, use some to travel, and  get your kids, assuming, through college. Invest the rest in gold.
Be reasonable.
bumpus bumpus8 years ago
You're 17, so I highly doubt you're getting married.
led235 (author) 8 years ago
 i simply want to have those rotating lights, www.robe.cz

a disco floor,

tabletop fountain centerpieces, and MORE!

I need some reasonable ideas!

The beer will be 5 kegs there!

charity will do good!

@lemonie , i could have imacs everywhere!
maybe just free ipod touches as thank you gifts!
Hire the Flying Elvi to skydive into the reception in formation, carrying the wedding cake.
And then hire me to do your centerpieces out of recycled glass. I'll give you my special discount for Instructables members and everything.
Bartboy8 years ago
Spend it ALL on fireworks.
And beer. Fireworks and beer.
lemonie Bartboy8 years ago
I totally, completely agree without any reservation. (excepting what I said otherwise)

Jayefuu Bartboy8 years ago
Or a 5 year honeymoon
lemonie8 years ago
That's an obscene amount to spend on one day.
Think about what you'd really like - not what you could spend "it" on - what would do you best for that one day in your life. A massive amount of spend (and I doubt that this is real considering you've not forked-out for paid-membership) isn't going to help you remember the union of yourself with your partner, your family with theirs more than a bit of thought and planning.

Jayefuu8 years ago
Give $990k to charity and buy some nibbles and champagne.
Burf8 years ago
With 1 million bucks? I would hire a pro, tell him/her what I want and concern myself with other issues.