I need to make some slipcovers for a pair of armchairs,any ideas?

I have 2 armchairs which are very 60ish need to bring them in line with more modern decor. I have seen a type of slipcover on home decorating show that looks as if it is round, draps over the chairs and tucks in,I have a matching material to my decor that I would like to use

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kylara708 years ago
Simple slipcovers are really just about laying fabric over the chair, folding and pinning, then sewing the lines you pinned. You then cut off excess material in the seem areas and reinstall over the furniture. Surely there is an instructable somewhere...
Z..8 years ago
I think you have your own answer! Get some good covering type material of your choice, and start tucking away. Then you can pin the base of it at the..er, base of the chair. It will be easy for removal and washing.
kevinhannan8 years ago
Go and get a shed-load of brown paper like what Ikea have on their exits and use that to profile your armchairs from every angle. Add and inch all round for stitiching/hemming. You could then tack it all together (or in sections) to ensure it fits before sewing it for good. I find giving these kind of projects to my parent/s, or an elderly-ish person you do jobs for an excellent way to build relationships and gets more done! Good luck! ps no I'm not elderly so don't think about it! ;-)
just thought - you couild use the excess material to make head-covers (antimacassars?) and arm covers. If you have a moggy like mine then you'll also want to add covers to the back edge as that is used as a night-time scratching post.
jtp1398 years ago
i have made fitted slip covers, you need to take measurements of EVERY nook and cranny. it's pretty time consuming and can be extremely frustrating. I suggest looking for a pattern at your local fabric store there will be plenty of patterns there. if you don't know how to sew i suggest hiring someone or asking a friend that has experience.