I need to power a 115V 1.75 amp electric motor. How might I do so, and can it be plugged into a wall socket?

I am trying to make the motor into a sander but I have no way to power it. I salvaged it from an old dishwasher. How would I ground it?I think I have 240V mains. The electric meter says 240V 3W TA=30. How would I know which wire is hot? The connection terminals are labeled N and LI or L1. I am in Oregon, USA.

Picture of I need to power a 115V 1.75 amp electric motor. How might I do so, and can it be plugged into a wall socket?
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iceng2 years ago

Has very been difficult to post this

qwerty126 (author)  iceng2 years ago

Thanks. This diagram helped a lot.

iceng qwerty1262 years ago

You are welcome. A lot of this is alive in my brain the goal is to let you see it clearly enough to build it rather then write agout it

antoniraj2 years ago

Hi, use a step down transformer from 230/240 volts to 110/120 volts. Otherwise your motor will burn up.


what does your wall outlet look like? What country do you live in?

If you have 240V AC you would know it.

You need to look at a lamp wiring diagram, the neutral line goes into a specific side of the plug, the L1 would go in the other.

Buying a lamp cord kit will help you wire it safely.

iceng2 years ago
iceng2 years ago
iceng2 years ago

Dishwashers run of the mains power. Toasters use more current.

It should easily plug into any wall socket.

Take care the motor may roll opposite to the shaft rotation at start unless held down.


Be sure Ground the unit and to put a decent emergengy kill switch on it !

qwerty126 (author)  Wired_Mist2 years ago

How would I do that?

To ground the circuit simply use a three prong plug and attach the ground wire to the metal mounting holes when you mount it.

the kill switch could be something simple as a light switch from the hardware store. just mount it in a place were you can flick it off quick. Really you want a push type button but there a bit expensive.


When the reaction rolls the motor there is a very good chance it will pull on the temporary wiring and unplug or cause sparks and fire.

iceng2 years ago

Nice sharp pictures.

Strip a 1/4 inch off the two wires and wire them to a plug as shown snap plastic closed and plug it into a switched socket put your foot on the motor and turn the outlet ON.


Depends on where you are - 110V mains supply or 240V?

Motor is AC or DC?

Being a dishwasher I would assume AC and 110V mains supply.

If it is single phase you can run it directly from the mains, if it is a three phase motor you will need a suitable driver / inverter for it.

In some cases you can also use motor capacitors to run a three phase motor on a single phase.

For a DC motor you will definately need a regulator and rectifier.

I gues we all need a little bit more on the informational side of things before giving solid advise.