I need to scavenge some solid state relays. 5v 120vac. What types of things have these in them?

I am trying to power some Christmas lights with my computer speakers and need some solid state relays to switch them. I tried the reed type from radio shack but they keep sticking. I have lots of random electronics laying around to scavenge from, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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Chuckmist3r5 years ago
A good place to scavenge 6-12V Control, High Volt Relays is in old "box" monitors. There are usually between 2-4 in each, ranging from 120-480V at 20 Amps. Took me forever to find that out.
Dead photocopiers and fax machines, old laser printers.
lemonie7 years ago

Did you get the right relays for the job or go a bit cheap on them?
I think you'd be best buying rather than finding, I've not found a high-voltage SSR in random electronics before.

You might find relays of some kind, in an old microwave oven, or uninterruptable power supply (UPS), or maybe in an thermostat, or maybe in an old, um.... car. Are there any derelict, junked, cars in your neighborhood?

Regarding your previous attempts with reed relays, assuming the current rating is OK, you might just be driving those relays in a way that is stupid, and/or wrong.  What are you trying to do anyway?  Make the Xmas lights turn on when an audio signal is present?  Something like that, right?
frollard7 years ago
high voltage, signal level relays are fairly specific and not found in many consumer electronics these days -- they can be had online for cheap (10 each for low amperage)...