I need to unsolder an shower connection which is located inside the wall without setting fire to the walls? Ideas?

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Marcos8 years ago
What they said, + shove a piece of fairly heavy sheet steel (not aluminum) behind the area you're heating. If you have room a piece of sheetrock will do the trick.
lemonie8 years ago
Like Bardouv says, use a heat-shield, but consider a hot-air gun rather than naked flame?

gcrdcn8 years ago
Just cut the pipe and then use the quick connectors name Sharkbite to reconnect (if it is copper).
randomhat8 years ago
Yeah, you don't 'unsolder' pipes. Bathroom pipes are usually cut using a pipecutter. You still encounter the problem of resoldering your replacement solution into place though. And then you can usually get a sort of fireproof material, usually something that looks like a puffy foil insulation panel thing. But My father uses the fireshield from a propane camp stove, one of those folding 3 panel things.
mikeasaurus8 years ago
Pipe joints that are soldered together are usually not 'unsoldered', they just cut the pipe below the spot where they are soldered and attach a new pipe and solder it in place.

Your method has a very high probability of setting your house on fire, I do not recommend.
Agreed - the pipe is usually just cut. However, they do make heat pads for just this purpose, that hang or otherwise attach to a pipe to protect the wall behind. Look for them in the plumbing tools section at the hardware store.
Bardouv8 years ago
It might be a good idea to put aluminum foil or ceramic tile around the place your going to be heating up so that an open flame doesn't touch the walls. But as mike said, it is probably easier and safer just to cut it.
iPodGuy8 years ago
Try one of those butane lighters. They're a lot smaller than a torch.