I observed suddenly my car stops while driving, steering wheel becomes hard and speedometer stop working, why?

My car model is Honda CITY 2005 its dolphin type and i don't have any clue about this, please help me!
thank you.

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bwrussell2 years ago

Well if the engine stops then power steering stops getting fluid (hard steering) and the gauge cluster is run off the alternator which also dies with the engine.

It looks like alternator problems are semi-common with this car but after awhile it will stop starting because the battery will be completely dead.

The steering and speedo' are symptoms of the engine dying so don't get caught up looking for how to fix them. You need to find the root cause of why the engine dies.

After it dies does it start right up when you turn the key again or does it take a while for it to want to start again? Are there any warning lights on your dash while the car is running?

I'd probably start by carrying a battery tester and then next time it dies immediately testing the battery. If the battery is good when it dies then you can rule out the alternator or anything between the alternator and battery.

SunilB5 (author)  bwrussell2 years ago

After engine dies it start as soon as i turn the key again & I like to mention, few days back before this problem arises, battery was
dead due to rain water filled in FUSE, so my headlight get shorted and hence battery discharged, i charged it and fixed it den suddenly next day morning
i faced this problem. i am not sure about the exact problem so i pulled out few plugs and fuse,pics uploaded here


As in the engine stopped running? Does any of the electronics work? If your getting no power it's likely a battery/alternator issue. Go have it checked by a mechanic. For the most part if the car is running the alternator is supplying the power to run electronics and spark plugs. If the alternator dies on you then the battery will continue to run things till it dies.

I had an issue once where an in line fuse blew. So the alternator wasn't able to power the engine or charge the battery so the car was running only off the battery. Took me a couple of batteries and alternators to figure out it was a wiring issue. Cost me $200 to get it fixed. The wire corroded and broke a couple months later. By that time i knew where the problem was and replaced it myself.

SunilB5 (author)  mpilchfamily2 years ago
thanks for reply
i ll do as you suggested
by the way car is in running condition but problem remains as it is, so will go for fuse and den spark plugs, because just 2 days earlier my battery discharged fully cause fuse filled with water and hence headlight power remains ON, so i am considering a fuse problem. lets see

same thing happened to me today :(
Car is functioning fine.. suddenly the power steering goes out and there is a red light over the battery symbol (Engine is working fine in the whole process). To fix it, I turn off the car and start it again.(It takes to start after this). Car is Honda City 2003.

Please help :(

Batterybhai2 years ago

Change the battery and installed new battery in place of old battery and check alternator that supply sufficient power to car. Clean battery terminals and check the battery point is not loose. After that the problem is not solve, take your car to service center.

Kiteman2 years ago

Your steering becomes hard because the engine has stopped supplying power to the hydraulics.

If the situation happens without warning, then "cures itself" after a while, you are looking at a serious problem with the car's computers (engine management unit etc).

You must get your car to a professional as soon as possible, before the fault occurs while you are cornering at speed, or in an area with other cars & pedestrians.

If you haven't done this type of auto Reapir your self Just sent it in to a mechanic.