I see a lots of people are answering quesitons here how much do you get paid for it?

how do I get signed up to answer questions to?  Do you have to be 18 to get payed?

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kelseymh7 years ago
No pay. The answers are worth exactly what you are paying for them.
.  Sheesh! We all know that the answers are worth at least 3x what one pays for them. <snicker>
Except the medical answers, which are probably worth less than what's paid for them.
Willard2.07 years ago
Yeah, like Burf said, there is no pay for answering questions, we do it to share our knowledge and help others out. If there was pay, you would get hundreds of pathetic answers that are just posted for the money.
some of the answers look pretty pathetic anyway not all of them just some of them.
i didn't mean to be not nice, just making a comment. but now I take it back.
True, but flagged as "not nice" anyway.
Burf7 years ago
Paid? LMAO Seriously, no pay for this, just people who are voluntarily trying to help others. If you still want to answer questions, just leave a response to any questions you see that you feel you can contribute.
i-want-to-know-it-all (author)  Burf7 years ago
So anybody can asnwer these questions. But if you don't get paid for them whey do so many people answer them?
Most people have a desire to help others. This makes people feel better about themselves. It goes two ways. Many rewarding things in life cannot be compensated monetarily. The human institution of money can not reward for the noble feeling of helping others. (Not for me! I do it selfishly to boost my already huge ego! :)
onrust blkhawk7 years ago
The real answer, I'm afraid, is: "Why not?" Good questions can be entertaining, and many hobbyists and/or experts enjoy teaching.
People answer just to answer. Seriously, that's all there is to it. But, along with doing it for no reason, it gives you a better reputation on this site. Burf answers a lot of questions, and consequently has a good rep.
cvianna17 years ago
The pleasure of discussing topics of common interest and sharing my enthusiasm with like minded (and sometimes not so like minded) people about things I feel passionate about, is all the payment I need. Altruism feels good and is good for you.
Mike737 years ago
I receive that question very often here in Germany. If you don't get anything, don't do it (at least this is the impression I get very often from people around me). Pages like this one are all about community, sharing and helping each other. Probably a lot of people just try to make the world a little better :-) I love to show what I did (at least if it came out right and I'm kinda proud of it) and just love to see whether or not others like it, too. As I saw from your age, you're still quite young. Once you get older and have achieved some (I don't know exactly how to word this one) "Level", you probably start to see things differently and want to give (or share) a bit of your experience, wealth of knowledge, money (if you get rich enough), etc.
"experience" or "level of experience" ?
Actually, it's not really that. What I meant is, that I can get most everything I need (really needs like rent, food, car) or want (gadgets and such). I cannot go out and get me a Ferrari, but I can go out and get me most sub $500 stuff just like that (also, not all in one month, I have to save up sometimes, too, so don't get me wrong here, I'm not rich). I guess I meant more the way that you get some appreciation for what you did. Or just a plain and simple thank you when you keep a door open for someone. Stuff like that got rare around the area I live.
lemonie7 years ago

you don't get paid, but it amuses me.

NachoMahma7 years ago
.  If you ask for it, I'll give you a patch for every 100 Best Answers you get. No money, just fame and glory. No age limit (other than the >13 yo requirement for the site).
Hey, you've been sending 'em to me even though I didn't ask! (Not that I'm complaining, mind you.)
caarntedd7 years ago
It's just an interesting page on a great site. Sometimes you see an interesting question or subject, so you look at the answers and learn something that may be useful or may just be interesting to know.

Sometimes you may know the answer to something or are able to add to someone's answer to make it more accurate or useful, and in turn make it useful and interesting for others.

It's a site for people that like to make stuff, so there is a little give and take.
framistan7 years ago
I enjoy helping others with something I know about... but they are having trouble with. That is my payment. I try to only answer questions i know something about. But nobody says you cant answer every question either if you want to... and some do. I really like your question. It made me laugh a little. What do I get paid... funny stuff.
jtobako7 years ago
We get paid half of what it costs you. The other half goes into system upkeep and new pixels...