I think I permanently bricked my itouch. Can someone please help? ?

I tried to jailbreak my iPod Touch with redsn0w .9.2, but now my itouch is completely messed up. And by that, I mean it won't even turn on! If I press the power button (or the power button with the home button), it doesn't even turn on! The screen just remains black, so I can't even restore it. Is it possible to repair this? And if not, can I get it repaired at an apple store without them finding out?

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kcls7 years ago
What happens when you plug it in to your computer?
Shagglepuff (author) 7 years ago
 kcls: I just realized that iTunes can still detect my iTouch. FREE BEST ANSWER FOR YOU! 
You fail
because its not an iTouch its an iPod Touch. or possibly a Touch
not an iTouch
 you fail for even caring so much that he called it an iTouch
 He also fails for owning one in the first place.