I updated the BIOS version on my Toshiba laptop but I'm not sure if it worked. Please help.

Hello I have a Toshiba laptop and I noticed that I had somethings that needed updating.  It suggested a BIOS update to 3.5 and one to 3.6.  I typed some command code in and said I had BIOS 1.9.  I have had a few problems with my computer lately and thought this may help.  I chose the update to 3.6 and attempted to follow the steps listed.  It performed the update and restarted.  My next steps said, "While the "Toshiba" LOGO is displayed, press the F2 function key to start BIOS Setup.  Check the version of BIOS and press the f9 function key then enter to load setup details.  Press the F10 function key then Enter to save settings and exit.  The computer will automatically reboot."  The problem is that when the Toshiba logo popped up it immediately disappeared (before I could press f2) and the blue windows screen started to come up.  I waited a few seconds but the Toshiba screen never came back up.  I waited a bit more and the computer was loading like normal.  I figured I needed to do the function keys like instructed but it was on the blue windows start screen not the Toshiba screen. I restarted my computer and at the Toshiba logo I pressed f2 really quickly. A black box with white writing (command box, script box?) popped up and then disappeared so I never got to press the f9 or f10 keys.  Everything appears to be funcitioning well.  The only difference is that my homepage changed from Google to Toshiba (which I set back to Google) and for some reason when I open the internet it automatically opens 2 Google tabs instead of one.  I googled to see if I messed anything up with the BIOS update but can't figure anything out.  I found info on how to check the version and when I typed in msinfo32 it said I had BIOS 3.6 since 2012! My first code that I typed was NOT msinfo 32 and that code said I had version 1.9 prior to me doing this.   I'm not sure if I already had version 3.6 and the different code gave the updated version OR if I updated it and it shows an older date (the update was done today 2.24.13 so I'm not sure why it shows the date of 2012)  Does anyone know about this?  Did I mess something up?  Is it ok that I didn't do the f2, f9, f10 steps correctly?  By the way, as you can probably tell, I'm not "that" computer savvy so please explain it to me in simple terms.  Also I didn't know this would be complex prior to starting.  I thought it would be a regular update like my anti virus software etc.  I read (after the fact) that I should only update this if I was sure I could complete it correctly, but I had no reason to think I wouldn't be able to correctly update it.  Thanks for reading and I appreciate any help/advice you can give.

Updated to add:  I was able to fix the 2 tab problems, now only 1 IE tab opens when I open a webpage.

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It will work even if you dont see anything.
Vyger4 years ago
As the others have mentioned, it sounds like you have the correct, latest, BIOS installed. The BIOS are for controlling hardware. It is a set of software instructions that tell the booting computer what hardware is on the main board and how to manage it. Here is a short description.

"Stands for "Basic Input/Output System." Most people don't need to ever mess with the BIOS on a computer, but it can be helpful to know what it is. The BIOS is a program pre-installed on Windows-based computers (not on Macs) that the computer uses to start up. The CPU accesses the BIOS even before the operating system is loaded. The BIOS then checks all your hardware connections and locates all your devices. If everything is OK, the BIOS loads the operating system into the computer's memory and finishes the boot-up process. Since the BIOS manages the hard drives, it can't reside on one, and since it is available before the computer boots up, it can't live in the RAM. So where can this amazing, yet elusive BIOS be found? It is actually located in the ROM (Read-Only Memory) of the computer."

Your browser would not be affected at all by any changes to the bios. You may actually have a spyware, malware problem if something is changing the browser settings. Get Malwarebytes free program and do a full scan with it.
frollard4 years ago
"I found info on how to check the version and when I typed in msinfo32 it said I had BIOS 3.6 since 2012"
That's version 3.6 was written in 2012, not installed in 2012.

If you ran the bios update and it said it updated, it updated. The reason they say go into bios after updating is if you need to make any changes. If you don't know what that means, it generally means you don't need to make any changes.

When booting your computer, you usually have to be very quick to catch the bios. I always mash 'f2', 'f8' 'f10' and 'delete' repeatedly (different manufacturers have different keys) until the bios screen comes up. If it goes to windows loading, it's past bios and will not be accessible until you restart again.

Lastly, updating your bios is generally a 'if it works dont mess with it' scenario. Sometimes it brings new hardware support and sometimes performance boosts, but messing with the bios is inherently risky if you don't know what you are doing, and is best avoided unless you have NEED to update. Internet explorer has no idea what bios you use, it's entirely operating system dependent - If you were running IE and it was loading 2 tabs, it was probably a problem with IE, not your computer firmware/bios.
attractive1925 (author)  frollard4 years ago
Thank you for your time. So when I type msinfo32 and it says "BIOS Version/Date" "INSYDE 3.60, 6/26/2012" then I am good to go? There is nothing else I need to do at this point?
Nothing you need to do, correct. A bios revised 8 months ago is just fine :)

Many computers use bios that is 5 years old :D
Burf frollard4 years ago
+1, especially the, "'if it works don't mess with it" line. I've been messing around with Linux OS's for years but the BIOS is sacrosanct.
And to the question author, you're good to go, nothing else needs to be done.