I want a cool, easy to edit batch program that has every thing in it, e.g: change user passwords, apps, ect.

who can make me one? please hurry!! P.S it needs to be a batch program, not exe. P.S.S i will put your name in it!!!!

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        I have said program, but i am not going to give as a batch file, i will give as an exe so you cant edit the contents. My program has more than 4,000 lines of coding, and more than 10 programs you can use!
Internal Coding info: 4000 lines of coding, advanced *Log in and register* screen, no bugs, USER FRIENDLY!  more than 100 hours of coding time
and code reviewing to make sure there aren't any bugs.

You can get this program, and many more, or possibly join our coding team, at W1gaming.webs.com

Program Features:
*Pc-programs:  computer cleaners, pc info, and many more!
*SECURITY : locks folders and etc...
Misc programs : for fun and etc...
*JOKES:   program! (Racist jokes) includes: Black & Mexican

                                                  - W1gaming....._Xtreem Coding_

How did 4000 lines of code take you 100 hours? That's only 40 lines per hour of work.

Either your really slow, or I call bullshit.
Scytheon38 years ago
I have made a program that can do all of these but it needs to be an exe to be secure. So if you message me with your exact requirements then i will make it an send you the exe and the source code
i would love to see your program
Where should I send it to?
can i have one to, with permission to copy it?(just P.M. it to me.)
Please clarify. What do you want your batch file to do, and why are you looking for one to do it?

A batch file is just a list of commands for DOS or Windows operating systems to run. With the help of a few special commands (CHOICE, GOTO, :LABEL:), it is possible to make a fairly complex program, but batch is not a substitute for a true programming language.

This will get you started on the basics:

In order to code a batch file, you need to know the commands that do what you want it to do. That's how I write mine. I perform the tasks in the command prompt myself first. Then, when I have figured out the process, I simply rewrite the commands that I used in my batch file.
matrix828 (author)  DELETED_GuardianFox8 years ago
I want the batch file to have a password protected so no one can access it but me, it to have a calculator, quizzes, guessing games, ect. I already know lots about batches, but I want a cool, user-friendly program with lots of features. P.S thanks for answering my 1st Question!! lol
I have created a whole company off my MS-DOS Batch programs. I have created a bootable Floppy Diskette version and CD Version that has a GUI with some pre-installed applications. I'll be more than happy to email it to you.
Feature list so far: -Cool -User-friendly -Password Protected -Calculator -Quizzes -Guessing Games All of the above is quite possible, and might not require any extra commands to be available than those on the list I posted earlier. In fact, I've personally completed projects with these features in the past. In batch, I once designed a TV-episode database complete with customizable quizzes, a simple search mechanism, ascii-animated graphics, and a ridiculously detailed rendition of the theme song using a modified "beep" command. Why? We were a crowd of nerds and this whole thing predated the internet. I didn't have the money to buy Windows 2 or 3 (I don't remember which lol) and I already knew everything I wanted to know about BASIC at the time. I didn't have the $ or access to anything truly useful. Batch was the only way for me to create "shortcuts" to the few games and applications that I DID own. That's why I learned. But why, in the name of Linus, would anyone want to use Batch in that way now?!
Bloblblobl7 years ago
I'm actually working on something like that right now, I might send it to you after I'm finished. It's really awesome (so far...)
Sector 97 years ago
 I have a couple scripts and even a program itself that you might like. but i hate to agree with them. you probably need to learn batch and do it youself. ISN'T THAT THE HEART OF INSTRUCTABLES !!??  i cont fit the scripts in so , idk. I could probably put it up as an instructable or an instructables answer page. whatever. so, you want it or not ? its a multi-file thing.
matrix828 (author)  Sector 97 years ago
hey thanks for the answer!
could you maybe send me the scripts in a PM?
TheBatchies7 years ago
1. Don't put my name in it, that will make it worse!

@echo off
color 0a
title Operator99
if not exist password.txt (
goto end
) else (
set coco= <username.txt
echo Welcome back.
echo Please enter your username:
set /p username=))
if %username% EQU %coco% (
goto Password
) else (
goto Username
set co= <password.txt
echo Please enter your password:
set /p password=))
if %password% EQU %co% (
goto OtherPlace
) else (
goto Password
echo Please enter a username:
set /p command=))
if not defined command do goto end
echo %command%>username.txt
echo Please enter a password:
set /p commmand=))
if not defined commmand do goto P/W
goto W/P
echo Please confirm your password:
set /p variable=))
if not defined variable do goto W/P
if %variable% NEQ %commmand% (
goto P/W
) else (
echo %commmand%>password.txt

...I haven't tested it, so don't crucify me!
El Mano8 years ago
A) Perhaps the best all-purpose batch file is Command Prompt. Using it, you can do everything a batch file can do, except maybe use goto (unless you want it to say "Greetings, my Master. We last spoke two hours ago...). If you'll excuse me for suggesting my own program, CMD Commander (which is soon to be updated, for those who care) would be a little more customizable, but you couldn't make you own commands unless you either a) create a specific, new command for every batch command (ex: if %input%==cd_C:\WINDOWS (
, b) use CHOICE, which I'm not very familiar with, or c) have the CMD Commander function be a sub program of the major file
(ex. if %input%==cmdcommander goto Commander


B) A password is very easy to program in:

@echo off
color 08
set/p password= Your password:
if %password%==*YOUR PASSWORD HERE* (
goto Top
) else (
color 0c
echo You are a failure at life!
pause >nul
color 0a
echo Greetings, Master. We last spoke two hours ago...

However, anyone who can edit a batch file (or open it in NotePad, really; I learned batch from a Padlock's folder locker script) can get or change your password. You could either not worry about a password, use one and hope no one fiddles with your program, or compile the program into an .exe, after which the password will be unchangeable.
PKM8 years ago
Firstly, your list of requirements is impossible to achieve. You cannot password-protect a batch file so that only you have access to it- someone can easily read out the source code and find the password. You would be better off zipping up the finished batch file in a password-protected zip file, which are much harder (although I'm sure not impossible) to crack.

Secondly, I'm not sure why you want a calculator in a batch file- the Windows calculator does a lot of the simple things you could want from a calculator, a program like GraphCalc will do a wide variety of more difficult analytical stuff, but a batch file calculator is going to be slow and extremely simple because it's such a restrictive language.

Thirdly, you don't specify what you want from these "quizzes, guessing games" and so on. You also specify that you want a "simpler but better" program than tat creator- I checked out the source code to TAT, it's pretty simple if you know batch (but a bit of a mess because batch relies on goto statements rather than proper program structure).

Lastly, you say P.S.S i will put your name in it!!!!. This makes me a little curious- what are you planning to do with this batch file that you are farming out the actual creation of?

Rather than give a lengthy, demanding and (in my opinion) impossible to achieve list of requirements, why not actually learn to write batch and write your own with everything you want in it? You say I already know lots about batches, this will be a great exercise and way to learn more. You might even learn enough about why batch is a horrible programming language to inspire you to learn a real one :)
fwjs288 years ago
check out tat creator
matrix828 (author)  fwjs288 years ago
i have!! lol but i want to have a simpler one!! but better!! (if that is possable lol)
hrmm...what do you mean by simpler?