I want a good reliable Airsoft pistol, any suggestions?

I love playing airsoft but its so damn expensive, especially in canada.  I've been looking at a few different methods of building a spring or elastic-powered airsoft pistol to be used when my main gun is out of ammo. I've made a couple from K'nex but they dont hold up when i put alot of elastics on them.  im not interested in using the aerosol or bike-pump pvc models, i've built those too but they take too long for each shot. Help me out Please :)

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Owenmon7 years ago
Airsplat has bad customer service, and cheaply made guns. I wouldn't recommend buying off of there. Airsoftpost.com and Airsoftgi are much better sites. Airsoftpost has low-priced high quality guns. (i.e. matrix tactical systems series). Anyways, back to the question.

I present to you, the most well-know for its quality in the airsoft world, the KWA KP8 .45!  


 KWA is by far one of the most greatest airsoft company's, well known for their outstanding performance, such as amazing internals and externals, great customer service, out-preforming standards and more. Dont expect any flaws if you ever buy one of their guns, their amazing. Like this one. It's gas blowback, holds 23+1 rounds (one in the chamber), and is a exact replica of the real H&K USP .45 pistol. Their guns may be a bit on the pricey side, but **** is it well, worth, it.
And I just realized you meant pistol....Idk Probably a Deasert Eagle spring. Or a gas M9. M9 not cheap but those are good airsoft guns.
Then again the akimos are cheaper than buying a Intervention sniper for $1,500 for airsofting. But perfect pair of long range and short range.
Go on www.airsoftatlanta.com/ and get an Intervention, and akimo model 1887 shotguns.
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fishcake276 years ago
Owenmon, while i realize you have your own opinion, I have tried airsplat, airsoftgi, and evike, and the best one (that i have tried) is airsplat, im not shure what happened to all of you, but airsplat's customer service is actually really good now, and they sell some of the best airsoft guns, for about 20$-40$ cheaper than these other sites. the gun i got was the Wingun 702s Revolver, its a beasty gun with 450 FPS and i use it as a primary weapon, the only problem is the clip of 6
Mattonater7 years ago
dont go to airsplat they suck try evike or redwolfairsoft try a kwa usp series or 1911s
camd17 years ago
buy the P9 spring pistol. I had it for about 5 yrs and it still works its FPS is about 300
jakerox437 years ago
If you want something ergonomic, reliable, and probably cheaper,  you'll just have to get a springer. Check airsoft websites. In the end, a real one is the onlly way to go.
~KGB~7 years ago
buy a gas glock 18c, they are the most reliable pistol around!
ihordyky7 years ago
www.airsplat.com has some really good deals
mr.break_it (author)  ihordyky7 years ago
thanks! I'll definitely check that out :P
They have some really good deals, the gun quality is great, and shipps preaty fast