I want a powerfull electromagnet?

Dear friends, For my thesis, I need a strong electromagnet. How can I made it? It must be as strong as possible. Thank you so much. Best Regards. Reza

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UziMonkey8 years ago
You can build a simple electromagnet by wrapping wire around iron (such as a nail). I think we all did that when we were kids. The same thing could be used to create a stronger electromagnet, using a length of magnet wire and an iron core. Just how powerful does the electromagnet need to be?
mbc711 (author)  UziMonkey8 years ago
My dear friend, Thank you so much. You can see my explanations above.
chuckr448 years ago
Does it have to be an electro magnet, or will any magnet do, like a neodymium? Get the magnets (neodymium) out of an old hard drive. I attached one to my fridge and I use it to open the fridge door (just for fun). Very powerful, be careful.
mbc711 (author)  chuckr448 years ago
Thank you so much. You can see my explanations above.
Plasmana8 years ago
How strong do you need it? Because they are some electromagnets that can lift quite a few tons of steel.
mbc711 (author)  Plasmana8 years ago
Thanks for your answer my dear friend.
It have to move a sphere steel (diameter=5mm) that is in distance of 50 mm(5 cm) of electromegnet.
I used a lot of simple magnets, but all of them failed.
Really, I want to stirrer chemical compounds in a high pressure cell.
The distance between sphere steel and outside of cell is 5cm, and with this distance magnetic stirrer could not to be used successfully.